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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Mean Blogger Versus The Hawaiian Bore

If you haven't heard, yawner Steve Dahl is changing stations. Ironically, this whole chain of events started right after I pointed out that Mr. Dahl was boring. Coincidence? Maybe. But, the facts, that I'll use, point to me causing this crazy turn of events.

Fact 1.
I blog about Mr. Dahl being on WGN Morning News. I describe his "act" as tired and boring.

Fact 2.
9/28/07(Later that day....)
In a clear move of insecurity, Mr. Dahl, reads my blog and, as per usual, turns the criticism into a bit about me being "wheelchair mean" instead of dead-on accurate.

Fact 3.
Sun-Times article by Robert Feder , Deathwatch, sites poor ratings for WCKG as a whole and told of a future format change, including a new home for Mr. Dahl. Mr. Dahl in his blog responded by jumping all over Robert Feder. He didn't deny anything however.

Fact 4.
Sun-Times' Robert Feder confirms what he predicted three weeks earlier, Mr. Dahl is moving.

The point I'm trying to make is, Watch Out! This blog has shown it has the power to make things change. Remember the Cubs?

My blog 2
Cubs 0
Dahl 0.

Who's next?

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