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Friday, September 23, 2011

Somebody Gets It!

My website work has slowed down of late.  I find myself watching more online videos than I used to.  Because 90% of all web content is boring and/or repetitive it is exciting when you come across some good stuff.

Here's the photo that caught my eye.

Once you read past the "F" word, this poster really condenses all the frustrations I think most people feel on a day-to-day basis.  To see so many of my thoughts and feelings over the past 15 years was cathartic.  I just felt better after I read it.

Turns out that there is whole website devoted to this theme, Good Fucking Design Advice.  To my surprise, it wasn't just some Redneck from Indiana with a 4th Grade diploma.   This website is the collaboration of two college buddies.  Their company is a celebration of passion.  Not Late-Night-On-Cinemax passion, but the kind of passion that we dream of in our youth, but slowly fades away as we start paying bills.  The kind of passion political candidates have BEFORE they're elected.  The kind of passion we have on January1st as we inaugurate our newest resolutions, but reflect upon sadly come January 4th.

They even have a short documentary that describes their origins.

G.F.D.A. / The Passion Project from Alexander on Vimeo.

We need more passion in America about America.  We get bombarded daily about how the world is crumbling around us or how bleak the future is.  I say, "Shut the fuck up!"

I am choosing, today, to rekindle my passions.  I love what I know how to do.  I love how my family makes me feel.  I love making people smile.  I love lasagna and potato pancakes.

I hope those of you reading this have a passion and things you love.  I hope those things make you happy.


Anonymous said...

Using the F word is ignorant. Anyone who thinks it's cool is a fool.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the F word seems to be the only adjective that the young people know now a days. More and more I see the future of this kind of conversation being the norm. I recently became quite irate when I find even on TV ads they are moving in that direction. One such ad, on the Cooking Channel no less, the host of one show while taking part in an ad say's "Mother Shucker", now we all know where that's going. Next thing it will be politically correct to use the F word on TV in prime time. How sad.
That's a passion for bombard the media and papers with my disgust for the way people speak now a days.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I f*cking like eggs!

Mark Ploch said...

Clearly, some people missed the point.