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Saturday, November 06, 2010


I was thinking about something this week. There has been a lot of talk back and forth since the Mid-Term elections as to who won and who lost. I'm not going to rehash the arguments, but I want to discuss truth. The pundits have declared the Republicans the winners on Tuesday and statistics and numbers will confirm that Republicans did win.

But, I want to go deeper. I have, as I am prone to do, been involved with some online debating as to whether or not the Democrats & Obama are destroying our country. As you can imagine the battle lines were drawn and everybody stayed true to their side of each argument. But, somewhere deep down there has to be a truth. How do we get there?

Some media outlets that lean to the Right were pushing a story about a very expensive trip President Obama was taking to India. Then reports came out that the story may not have been credible. Well, many still believed the story and many did not despite common sense saying the story was false. Somewhere there is a truth about this story. There has to be truth in everything, right?

Why are we as a society so reluctant to know the truth? It goes beyond politics. You can see truth reluctance in many areas.

Lets take womans clothing. What the hell is a size 1?
How about college football. The BCS ignores teams that are undefeated as #1.
Kid's sports. Why play a game with scoring if you're not going to declare a winner?

Political Correctness.
Individuals that can't walk are physically challenged. I can't walk, no challenge.
Christmas time has to be called Holiday time. This is so not to offend non-Christians who generally participate and benefit from Christmas.
Indians were never from India so they are renamed Native-Americans. Which makes it difficult what to actually call an individual from India. They must be India-Indians or Dell Customer support.

Historically, when men or women have gone looking for the truth many might be directed to read the Bible. The Bible or good book is supposed to contain the word of God. By reading the Bible we should find what God would expect from us. This is good. We have a manual to follow. But, what happened during the Civil War? Both the North and South felt the Bible was telling them they were correct in fighting each other. Again, truth denied.

If you recall, earlier this week I received an email from my wife Donna's cousin Marian. There was a sentence full of truth,

"I have breast cancer & I am having surgery in December."

There is no hiding from that truth. Many of us, too many, of us have people in our lives that are dealing with cancer or some other type of debilitating disease. There are times I'm sure these folks would like to hide from their truth, but they don't. Another line from Marian's email said,

"I have great doctors & I know I will be fine."

That says to me Marian plans to fight her cancer with a positive mental attitude. That's truth. Many of my family and friends have sent their prayers for Marian. Many have never met her and don't know her, yet they are praying for her health. That truth.

When you scrape away all the nonsense we surround ourselves with people will help other people. We know that helping others is truly the right thing to do.

So when I go looking for truth I need only to look to my friends and family. Together we may not know the truth, but I know with each other's help we'll find it.


Anonymous said...

Once again, good blog Mark. I'm certain that those who read it will quickly get it. That is the truth. They may not agree and that is the truth. I believe it should be read a couple of times so it really sinks in. I also found some humor in it as well. People from India.........who are they? You're right they are Dell's support system.
I've said it before, you missed your calling Mark. Keep up the good work we all need to read some truth now and then and you certainly do come up with just that.
Also......Prayers for Marian are being taken care of.

Tara said...

Great post Mark! I'm happy to see one again, I always enjoy your take. Sending positive energy Marian's way : )

Anonymous said...