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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Influential Hogwash!

This morning on the news there was one of those headlines that makes you say, "WHAT?"

Apparently, Time magazine is getting ready for their "TIME Person of the Year 2010".

Currently there is a list of 25 people that we the voting public can choose from to help determine the "TIME Person of the Year 2010". Some names, I'll be honest, I had never heard of. Some names I recognized and can see being included in such an event. However, one name made my wife and I say, "WHAT?"

Lebron James

My wife was very quick to point out that James' major contribution to 2010 was basically moving. And when you trim away all the fat from the Lebron James Decision fiasco, all he did was move from Cleveland to Miami. That's it, nothing more nothing less.

Then we imagined what if another type of person, famous for moving, had the same type of fanfare Lebron James had. The U.S. soldier.

Imagine, if you will, a U.S. soldier, Private Dusty Banks. Private Banks has just completed basic training. His unit has finished with the highest honors possible. With that honor Banks can choose his first deployment. The nation has caught wind of his story and waits with baited breath as to where he will go.

Private Banks decides to team up with QVC to broadcast his "decision", LIVE! QVC hires Andy Rooney to "interview" Private Banks about his choice.

For months rumors fly around anticipating where he'll choose. Finally, the big night arrives. The lights go on, we're LIVE.

Andy Rooney: I'm not really sure why I'm here, but at my age it's good to be anywhere. I'm here to listen to where Private Dusty Banks has decided to go. Of course in my youth nobody cared where I was going just that I be home on time. Things are very different nowadays....

(Camera switches to Private Banks )

Private Banks: Thanks Mr. Rooney. These past few months have been wonderful. I've gotten many requests to join my fellow soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Korea and even Hawaii. All are great locations. But, I've decided to join my boys at Thule Air Base in Greenland.

AR: ...clearly they've never used or seen a typewriter.

(Fade to QVC Jewelry segment)

Obviously, this scenario would never happen. It's just confusing why TIME would include James on such a list. The list contains 23 other amazing people. (I'm not counting Lady Gaga either)
I would suggest you look the list over and decide for yourself who deserves the "honor".

Personally, I can think of 25 more deserving people. Where are the educators, the volunteers that went to Haiti or other areas of strife, nurses, foster parents, animal welfare workers, school volunteers, bloggers or jugglers?

The world is a fascinating place. I think it is important to honor those who actually make a difference. When you honor somebody it is important to put them in distinguished company. For the record, Lebron James agreed he does not belong on the TIME list. TIME might end up on the list of Top 25 Dumbest Lists Lists.


Scott said...

TIME has been obviously sucked in to pop culture. Is this magazine even relevant anymore?

Anonymous said...

TIME blows. So does Newsweek and Rolling Stone magazine. Anyone who is even slightly interested in what these rags have to say is a pinhead.

Mark Ploch said...

Yet another institution destroyed by the lure of greed.

Too bad.

iajhsc said...

Damn, I didn't know we get to vote. Is this something new? Who voted for Osama bin Laden?
Enjoyed your blog. I especially liked the Andy R introduction and the excellent analogy.
Now about the other 25....the un- or under-employed American.

Anonymous said...

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Brush Fire Arsonist said...

Well said! thanks for the thought provoking piece on Time.

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