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Friday, January 15, 2010

That's Your Opinion Moron

Happy New Year. Yes I realize the new year started two weeks ago and I have my reasons for not posting. I'm learning that sometimes its better to just keep my mouth shut.

I'm not in the public-eye, but I have been known to say a stupid thing now and then. I don't pretend to be perfect. I'm not God or Pat Robertson.

I'm sure you've all heard about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. A country that was not that well off before this tragedy, is facing horrific losses of life because of nature's wrath. While most of the world has set to praying and jumping in to help, Pat Robertson wants to assess blame. Please listen in his own words as he blames the Haitians, themselves, for this and all their historic woes.

Now in the small mind of Pat Robertson those who were slaves shouldn't have revolted against slavery. He "claims" the Haitians made a deal with the devil to drive the French out and gain their freedom out of slavery. In his mind that was wrong. Was he there when this deal was made? Why couldn't the Haitians have prayed to God for their freedom? God's a good guy. I can see him being opposed to slavery. The way I interpret Pat Robertson's words, is that Haiti should never have been freed from slavery. And he calls himself a man of God.

If Robertson is looking for company in his misery he need only to press FATHEAD on his speed dial and get connected to Rush Limbaugh. Now Rush wasn't blaming Haiti for their troubles, but he was taking the opportunity to use 15,000 dead bodies as a soapbox to speak against Obama.

How do these people sleep at night? Tens of thousands of people are dead and millions are effected tragically by this event and they are trying to use it for their own agendas. It makes my stomach turn. These two "men" are no better than the idiots who started yelling Tsunami to the Haitian people so they could loot through what people left behind as they ran for high ground.

Has our world come to this?

My feelings are mine and mine alone. I hope others share my opinion because that would mean people still care. Here was another take on the Two Stooges.

May God Bless the those who hurting, you are in my prayers.

You can also help immediately by donating to the
Red Cross to assist the relief effort.

Contribute online to the Red Cross,

or donate $10 to be charged to your cell phone bill

by texting "HAITI" to "90999."

Find more ways to help through the Center for International Disaster Information.

Families of Americans living in Haiti are encouraged to contact the State Department at 888-407-4747.


Tara said...

I share your opinion.

Jeff said...

Are you sure god is a good guy? How do you know? Why is your interpretation any more valid than Pat's? God is against slavery, but not against squashing people with earthquakes? You've just dreamed up a nicer fairy tale for yourself, that's all. You don't have any valid reason that you're right and he's wrong. I'm sure Pat can claim just as much "faith" that his version of god is correct as you can. When will people wake up and see this crap for what it is. A vehicle to control people and exert their will over them. Why do thinking, intelligent people subject themselves to the intellectual slavery and bondage?

PeaKay40 said...

Obviously Jeff is not a Christian.
Look around you Jeff Day turns to night the sun rises and sets. Nature
provides our food and clothing and everything else.
If you don't believe in a higher being (call that what you may) then
too bad for you. Most non believers
call out God's name in times of trouble. Guess you haven't had much in your life as yet.
You will.
Maybe we should send all the non believers to some other country as the United States of America was founded on Christianity.

Tara said...

I believe in God, a higher power, I believe that power lives in all of us. I do not subscribe to organized religion. I was brought up Catholic and Christianity certainly helped form the views I have but I do not label myself as such. The saying that they can't all be right but they CAN all be wrong has always stuck with me.

I believe my relationship with God is just that MY relationship with him. What you believe, what anyone else believes has absolutely no bearing on what I believe. My faith is mine alone. I don't subscribe to telling other people what to believe, I try to respect almost all beliefs because to each person that is their own personal truth. Extremists of ANY religion are exceptions of course.

However I have to respectfully disagree with PeaKay. What right does anyone have to suggest anyone who disagrees with them leave? That certainly doesn't jive with what Christianity is suppose to be about.

This country was founded to escape persecution of religion. Our founding fathers based it on Christian principles but were very careful to establish a nation separate from religion. A place where no one would be persecuted for having their own beliefs. It seems the Christians that came here seeking freedom have in turned become the tyrants wanting to force compliance or expel anyone different. I think a lot of that simply stems from fear and ignorance of what other "religions" are all about.

Mark Ploch said...


Good stuff. Those forefathers sure knew what they were doing.