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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

If He Hollers, Record His Voice Mail

At the beginning of the school year my wife, a teacher, had me print up pictures of "Heros" for a bulletin board she was making at school. Three pictures included Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps and Mark Buehrle.

Generally we don't like to use sports figures as "Heros", but these three had accomplished amazing acts and could be held up, not as role models, but as examples that hard work pays off.

Ahem {Blogger clears throat.}

I am not going to bash Michael Phelps. I hope he realizes, by now not to do drugs.

As of this writing Mark Buehrle has done nothing worthy of being stalked by

Which brings us to Tiger Woods.

I want to be careful here. Not to be kind to Tiger, but not to sound like I'm better than him or without fault.

I heard the rumors of his affair. I didn't believe them at first. Not because I didn't want to, but because Tiger had earned that right.

Until now.

Tiger now gets thrown on the pile of famous, wealthy and stupid superstars that think they are beyond reproach. Tiger is just another stupid horny man. Why do these men think so little of their wives and children?

As great as a golfer as Tiger is, he is as stupid of a cheater.

If you haven't heard the voice mail yet, click here.

Tiger removes all doubt of his stupidity by giving his name on tape to his "girlfriend" telling her the jig is up and his wife is on the prowl.

Tiger's bed caddy is a cocktail waitress in LA. No cocktail waitress in LA wants a career as a cocktail waitress in LA. I'd be willing to bet that most, if not all, young pretty women cocktail waitresses in LA want more. They could be wannabe actresses working to make ends meet while developing their acting craft. Possibly going to school by day and waitressing at night to become a teacher or doctor. Or they are waiting for a rich stupid horny man willing to lose everything just to, well you know.

I have been married 19 years. I got married because I wanted to be with my partner for the rest of my time here on Earth. That is what a traditional marriage is all about. You don't get into a marriage without respect for that other person. When you have an affair you are saying you do not respect your partner, period.

The bed caddy is at fault too. It is no secret who Tiger Woods is and that he is married. If you choose to go putting around with a married person you have little respect for many things. Chances are, rich married guy isn't going to give up half of everything he owns just for a "hole in one". If you think your career will take off from here, guess what? You will be asked to "audition" for everything because its known that you have little respect for yourself and will do whatever it takes to get a job. Hope that works out for you.

Women out there don't fret. There are still good guys out there to be found. I know a few and will set you up if you'd like.


CFandl said...

HA HA. Tigger busted.

Mark Ploch said...

Don't laugh too loud, you might give yourself away.

And, I really don't find it "HA HA" funny.

Cousin Linda said...

Did anyone think that maybe Tiger had asked this "other" woman to just be a model for some clothes that he was going to surprise his wife with this Christmas? Or maybe she had been helping him with dancing lessons? The possibilities that he was a cheating husband are nil. Please. This is The Tiger, oops, I mean Tiger Woods.

CFandl said...

Well I do find it funny Mark. Tiger Woods has been marketed as the perfect sports role model and millions of people bought into it.
Serves him right getting caught.

I do feel bad for his wife though. The next time she should use the driver to go after him. Bigger sweet spot.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, all were just like Tiger. Let's move on now shall we.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I like eggs.

CFandl said...

Tigger is up to 10 bimbos. Any guess on the over/under?

Jeff said...

Remember when women who got paid to keep their mouths shut actually did? Can't trust anyone in business these days... It serves the corporations (who tried to milk his successs into money for themselves) right that he got caught. Theyre the ones who made him out to be a perfect human being who can't live without their products. I don't recall him ever saying he was. He's a famous guy with tons of money. I think it would be hard for any guy to resist all of the women throwing themselves at you. I don't feel sorry for his wife, I bet she was just as opportunist as the rest of them. She just got there first...and is it me or does she seem like a total mean bitch anyway?

CFandl said...

Color it anyway you wish. Tigger is still a cheater and a phony.

Blame the corporations for cashing in on Tigger? Please. He glady took the cash and played the role of Mr. Perfect.

Jeff said...

He's never been my hero. You seem disappointed though...