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Monday, October 26, 2009

Why Paper Cuts Hurt

I was asked over the weekend if writing this blog was difficult. My response was, "No. It's not". When I get an idea I usually don't have a problem expressing myself. Getting the ideas is the hardest part.

The other hard part is dealing with rejection. On average about 20 -30 people read my blog each day. Many tell me they enjoy how I emote my opinion (I have never used the word "emote" before). Yes, I enjoy the praise. But, what drives me crazy are the ones who request not to get my blog emails. Why do I focus on the critics? I had a friend make that request this weekend.

I'm not so thinned skinned where I'll curl up into the fetal position when somebody says I suck. Hell, my own sister doesn't read my blog unless I post a video (don't anybody tell her I mentioned her here). Plus, If you read the comments of my blog you'll find plenty of hate mail. And I have all those Amish people out there missing my pearls of wisdom. All those I can handle. It's those who don't give me a reason that make me obsess over my words.

I email over 300 people my blog. Most are family and friends. I try not to offend anyone when I express my opinion. I repeat, My opinion.

I have family members that I love dearly (you know who you are), that I know do not share my political opinions. Yet, we still have a good time when we see each other. We'll ever rib each other about our differences (mmmmm ribs! This drool spnsered by Texas Roadhouse). I have a great deal of respect for those relationships because the foundations are like granite.

I have respect for anyone who has true confidence in their convictions. It's like when that anti-God billboard was in the news last week. News media outlets polled people to ask if the billboard offended them. It didn't offend me because I believe in God. If you don't, fine, just don't go forcing your opinion down my throat, and come up with something good to say when I sneeze.

I guess I'll just have to wonder why some don't like me. I'm also going to only post videos at the end of my blogs so my sister will have to look down here if I posted a video. The Amish, well. Maybe I'll print my blog on homemade paper with homemade ink for them. I just want everybody to be happy.

For my sister.


Scott Plocharczyk said...

Apparently it does bother you just enough that you had to write about it.

Mark Ploch said...

Just the ones who don't give any reasons.

Laura Altmann-Jurkovic said...

Why would people do such a thing? That is a part of life that does not make sense to me. Why are so many people so rude and selfish? Life is so short and we all need to keep our minds stimulated and in touch with others. And Mark, your Blog is a great way to do that. Those that have responded that way are only thinking of themselves. Unfortunately, that is how most of the world works. Thanks Mark for your Blog and I love it whether I agree or not. Respect is what matters and I am glad you wrote this Blog today to emphasize that point!!!!!

Mark Ploch said...

Thanks Laura.

Good thing Aretha Franklin knew how to spell. That could have been embarrassing.


Laura Altmann-Jurkovic said...

You are very welcome!!!!! How did you know I love that song!!!!!!

Mark Ploch said...

I guess I just know what you like.

PeaKay40 said...

Dear Mark,
To know you is to love you.
Even Chuckles thinks so.

Mark Ploch said...

Well if Chuckles loves me, I need nothing else.

Tara said...

I have tried to get your emails... when I click the link it takes me... to your page. I have you in my google reader, it has always just said error. I never get an update, says last post was 2 years ago. I love your blog, my computer seems to disagree, lol.