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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Rogers Would Approve

I have been working with computers since 1981. I have seen a lot of changes in that time, some good some bad. Each time something new comes out for computers I get excited. Not only because the new technology is very cool, but because I know something cooler will soon follow.

Computer technology is all about improving what is currently available. Computers get faster, hard drives get bigger and computers also get smaller. In my small home office I have more computer power than when I used to work for a major waste corporation in the 90's. What's missing is the co-workers. The people I use to work with were some of the most talented and friendly people I have ever met.

I miss the "water cooler" type conversations. Since I work for myself it's only me here in my home office. However, there is new computer technology that is helping to fill the void of being home alone at work. I'm talking about Facebook.

I keep up on popular websites. I've seen the other social networking websites like Twitter and MySpace, but Facebook has grown on me. To me Twitter reminds me of a four year old that keeps tugging on your arm trying to tell you something. And MySpace is like walking into a 16 year old's bedroom with posters on the wall and music playing on the radio.

Facebook reminds me of the break room at my old companies. You'd see coworkers there and you'd chit chat about whatever was going on in the world. But the cool thing about Facebook is that it's like your in the break room with coworkers, family, friends, celebrities and kids from your neighborhood.

In Facebook I have 186 friends. Many are family, some are friends, friends of friends, former co-workers, celebrities and even one former teacher. Everyday someone has something to say. Some days the comments are more interesting then others, but they always stir some conversations.

Since I have been on Facebook I have met many former students from high school (Homewood-Flossmoor Class of '84). I never spoke to them back then, but have found many to be quite enjoyable.

I am able to connect to local celebrities, mostly from WGN Morning News (even got quoted on air once).

For the disabled, Facebook is a wonderful way to "get out" and connect with people when they possibly couldn't otherwise.

Social networking sites are not for everybody. Those that normally didn't interact with people still might find it difficult in the cyber world. But, they'll never know unless they try. So give Facebook a try. Won't you be my neighbor?


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He finally admits it.

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