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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Those French, They Make Me Laugh
(draws big puff from cigarette)

I saw an article that made me laugh.

People in France are up in arms that McDonald's is opening a "restaurant" at the Louvre. For my uncouth reader, I'm sure there's only one, the Louvre is the world famous art museum.

The puckered Parisians are insulted that lovers of fine art will have to look at the McDonald's Golden Arches after looking at the Mona Lisa. In the land of great food, citizens could actually order a Big Mac. Or as they say in France, Le Big Mac (albeit while hiding their face).

The finicky French were also disturbed when last year a, you'd better sit, Starbucks opened close to the Louvre. I would think they would enjoy the arrogance that comes free with every cup, but what do I know, I drink tea.

At first I was feeling France's pain. As I travel around our great country I am saddened at how so many towns have been cloned. Little America looks almost the same in every town you visit.

Then the article threw cold water on my face. Outside the USA, France is Mickey D's number 1 growing market.

You like us, you really really like us.

Personally, I can't stand McDonald's anymore. For a fast burger I'd rather Burger King or Culver's. Something with flavor.

But now that I know France is turning to regular people food they don't irritate me as much. I know their dirty little secret. Next they'll be watching the Simpson's, reading Archie comics, drinking Kool-Aid and spraying cheese out of cans.

(blows smoke in face of reader)


bill said...

not to be outdone Burger King announced today:

CHICAGO -- Burger King Corp. plans to swap its generic fast-food feel and bland tiles and tabletops for a vibe that's more sit-down than drive-through.

As part of a plan to be revealed Wednesday in Amsterdam, the company will announce a massive effort to overhaul its 12,000 locations worldwide. The sleek interior will include rotating red flame chandeliers, brilliant TV-screen menus and industrial-inspired corrugated metal and brick walls.

"I'd call it more contemporary, edgy, futuristic," Chairman and CEO John Chidsey told The Associated Press. "It feels so much more like an upscale restaurant."

Mark Ploch said...

I love it when the fast food companies try to redress an elephant.

They are what they are, fast food.

Some days you gotta have them.

bill said...

you do gotta have them some days.

there is always that wierd thing that we like at some fast food place that you just get a craving for once in a while.

"i really have a taste for a _______ from ________ ".

it's feels completely subconscious.

for me it's a fish sandwich from mcdonald's. they are wierd but i love them. i can only eat like four at a time, so i have to pace myself.

nothing like a good burger-war though i always say. you may not know this but i was a soldier in the BWII?

bill said...

contemporary, edgy, futuristic?

how am i supposed to nod off after absorbing addictive chemicals?

Mark Ploch said...

I don't want edgy Laddie, I want me fries hot and salty.

Mike said...

That's surprising that Mickey D's is big in France after that 'freedom fries' issue after 911.
If part of Burger King's overhaul is to get rid of that creepy King used in it's commercials, I'm all for it!

Cousin Linda said...

I don't care what fast food chain that you go to: McDonald's, Burger King, White Castle, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Arby's, Subway etc etc. If they would only serve you the food EXACTLY like it appears in the TV ads, menu screens,coupons, and magazines. The meat on the burger is never as big, never hanging over the bun with crisp lettuce sticking out, and never with the slices of onions and tomatoes too big too be piled on that bun. You never get what they actually advertise. They should all be fined for global false advertisement. But then again McDonald's fries are the best when they are just out of the fryer piping hot. Hmmmmmmmm.

Mark Ploch said...

I like to actually eat in the kitchen at McDonald's, just like Charlie Trotter's. Then I can eat the fries directly out of the hot oil.

Sure it's illegal and dangerous, but freshness guaranteed

PeaKay40 said...

Stopped eating all those fast food
treats? some years ago.
My arteries can't handle all that fat. Yes I agree with Linda, Mc Donalds fries are the best, but I still don't eat them.
Once in a while about 3 times a year
I just have to have some White Castles.
As for the French.....They don't make me laugh they make me SICK.
They don't seem to like or help anyone.

bill said...

Sign of the Apocalypse?

The Bacon Cheese Doughnut Burger

you be the judge.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I like eggs.

Mark Ploch said...



That guy was a wee bit serious for that story. Geez, you'd think he was talking about a deep fried Twinkee. Who'd eat t h a t, um gotta go, bye!

Jeff said...

Don't hate the French because they got it better than us. That McDonalds is for tourists anyway. Can't eat white castle...because I'm against big oil. Haha! I saw the cheesburger donut on Man vs. Food (great show) Looked gross then. Fox is just against it because a small biz thought of it. If McDonalds was selling them at the Louvre Shep would have cut to a commercial for them as he was unwrapping one for himself.