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Friday, October 02, 2009

Good Bye Billions of Dollars

Dear Conservatives, stop grinning.
Dear Racists, stop laughing.
Dear Anti-Chicago 2016, shut up, just shut up.

If you haven't heard, the Olympics will not be coming to Chicago. I'm sure you've heard Chicago was booted from contention after the first vote.

I was amused by a very popular web report whose headlines read, "The World Rejects Obama!"
First, let me say my Facebook page scooped the story over this popular conservative web reporter.
Second, what the Olympics have shown the world is that they are not about politics and popularity.

The World did not reject Obama.
The Olympics have chosen another country.

Plain and simple, nothing more nothing less.

As I write this, Rio and Madrid remain to be selected. I believe Madrid and longtime Olympic President Juan Antonio Samaranch will be rewarded to host the games.

Even if Rio gets the bid, that too will be great. They will be the 1st South American country to get the games. Bravo!

I was able to hear some of the speeches made by the Chicago bid. The one thing lacking was how the world would have benefited from Chicago. The speakers told personal stories, which were nice, but not what the Olympics needed to hear.

Look, Chicago will be fine. The Cubs have helped them accept failure.

I hope the city continues to look at the south side for more development. You can only put so many people on Navy Pier.

I have been a big fan of Daniel Burnham, the designer of the Chicago Plan a hundred years ago. He said,

"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will not themselves be realized."

We need to go back to that plan and philosophy of making, not only Chicago, but the whole state a better place. A place of awe.


CFandl said...

Nice. Anyone who didn't want the Olympics in Chicago is conservative, racist or anti-Chicago (or better yet all three).

Typical response. Could it be possible that some people just felt like the Olympics would have been a collosal waste of money?

Chicago is and will remain a great city, Olympics or not. We had our chance and like many of our sports teams came up on the short end of the stick.

I will admit that it was nice seeing that Ms. Blowhard Oprah couldn't make a difference. I am sure she will write a book about it though.

Mark Ploch said...

The only thing typical here is your blabbering.

The Drudge Report couldn't wait to blast Obama on this. Which is wrong to do.

Chicago didn't lose this bid Rio won it.

I didn't see Oprah pitch, but I am willing to bet it wasn't grand.

Where were the athletes?

Jeff said...

...and don't forget his butt-level ignorance...very typical regardless of which name he logs in with.

Rio has bid on the last three olympics. Maybe it was just their turn. Maybe America is still suffering from the bad PR generated by the attrocities commited by the Bush crime family.
Maybe they would rather spend two weeks in Rio instead of on south Michigan Avenue. (I would) I doubt it was due to a poor presentation by our delegates.

Anonymous said...

Oh little jeffie....I bet you still believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

I have a feeling that if Bush was still President and Houston was the U.S. city you would have been railing against any possible involvement by the man.

Maybe the IOC see's Obama for what he really is and now some superhero like fools as yourself.

bill said...

i was suprised to see Obama out front on this. i didn't think there was much of upside for him.

the criticism we are hearing now is nothing compared to what we would have heard going forward. any problems with chicago would have been linked to him.

what a wierd week for him, the olympics, the facebook murder pol, and newsmax advocating a military coup.

Jeff said...

Opps...guess you forgot to check which name you started with...

If the Bush crime family was still in charge I doubt the IOC would even allow his participation as it would result in an international public relations nightmare for them.
At which point bush would send troops to invade the olympic village. "We gotta compete with them over there so we don't have to compete with them here."
I don't believe in fairy tales like santa and jesus and the free market. I leave that to puny brains like you, Punky. They didnt want to come here. Pure and simple. It has nothing to do with President Obama or Oprah or MJ. They wanted to have it there. Big deal. Get over it. The olympics are a bore. I'd rather watch hockey if I needed to torture myself. But in your quest to destroy America you can't help but use it to attack your president. As quick as you are to blame President Obama because Chicago didn't win, you would be even quicker to deny him an ounce of credit if we did win it. Your game is as obvious as it is old and stale. Maybe you're fooling yourself, but not anyone who participates in this blog. Dumbass!

Anonymous said...

"punky"? Pretty lame jeffie. I have nothing against the Obama's going over there. I expected it given the fact they are part of the Daley Machine Sleaze.

I don't thing Obama's going over there had any effect either way. Just another campaign appearance for the Chosen One.

A quick question Professor. When you were attacking President Bush (and you were while he was in office) were you destroying America?


bill said...

anonymous, everyone (including every republican and/or conservative i know) was critical of bush because it was widely believed he was destroying america.

you remember: "...sometimes money trumps peace..."

who could forget? you apparently. you must have been out of the country, studying marxism or communism or something first hand, “professor”.

it would hypocritical if obama was destroying america (which so far he is not) and he did not criticize him.

so no, not hypocritical.

Jeff said...

Well, since you're too much of a coward to use even just your first name, I get to make one up for you. Sorry Punky, blogging street rules. I am just as critical of this administration as I was of the last one and the one before that and the one before that. Of course as a good conservative and a model citizen of the banana republic you're not allowed to admit that that there was a whole lot more to be critical about the Bush administration then there could possibly be at this point for the Obama administration. Or that conservatives might bear any responsibility for the state of things in our country today. Hypocracy on crack. I always want the president to succeed no matter who it is, or what party he belongs to or whatever color his skin is because I'm an American. His success or failure is America's success or failure. You only want republican presidents to succeed because you think you're somehow separate from the rest of us and that their failure is in some way your victory. You would rather see our country fail than to see President Obama successful. That is destructive behavior whether you want to admit it or not. There's a big difference between being critical and disagreeing and taking every opportunity no matter how small and pathetic (like your dick) to undercut somebody. You didn't get what you wanted so you're going to through a temper tantrum and try to wreck everything for everybody. The truely sad part about that is you all know you're doing it too. Yes, Obama is the chosen one. Chosen by the american people to lead this country. Don't forget it. I've never seen such a bunch of whinny ass crybaby sore losers in my life. Pathetic. Class dismissed.

Jeff said...

Oh, sorry. I forgot. DUMBASS!!!

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Calm down, Oprah has canceled the 2016 games anyway.
Michael Jordan should have been in the delegation instead of Oprah. She is not a figure or epitome of sports. MJ is.

bill said...

what happened to mj?

i wanted to see olympic table tennis, but they kept changing what they originally promised.

in the end i'm glad we didn't get it.

Jeff said...

I think she won the cover spot on her magazine this month again too. I think that's every issue ever in a row. How does she do it?

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Getting the games would have been great but not getting is ok. I'd like to see them continue some of the Washington Park plans

bill said...

yeah, me too.

Mark Ploch said...

Sorry for leaving the classroom to get a drink.

Jeff, I'm the only one here who can dismiss class. (whack!) And, apologize for using the words "dick" & "dumbass". I try to keep my blog on the up and up.

Now, had Chicago gotten the games would things have been crazy around here, absolutely. I think the benefits would have outweighed the negative. If these games were full of negatives, why do cities continue to spend millions trying to get them? Because they generate tons of jobs and benefit the cities for years.

I have heard tons of theories as to why we lost. My personal belief is that Rio finally had impressed the voters (this was their third shot).

The IOC is a group that will not and can be swooped off their feet. Their asses have been kissed by every host city for years. They've met every world leader and every country's biggest celebrities.

We did not tell them how Chicago would have benefited the Olympics.

I love the Olympics. I sit in awe as thousands of athletes gather free of politics to play games and meet new cultures. This is the way is should be always.

I'll take those two weeks ever two years hands down.

The point of my blog was to shut up the Anti-Obama groupies. This wasn't a political platform for anybody. But, the conservatives forced it to be (Drudge).

Now, class dismissed.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I like eggs.

CFandl said...

Hmmmm.....I seem to remember quite a few "crybaby losers" when Bush won in 2000. bad. He stole that election. Did he have ACORN working for him too?

MJ was too smart to get involved in that Olympic bid fiasco. Good for him.

Jeff said...

No, just Brother Jeb.

CFandl said...

I still think George Soros is the man pulling the strings for the Chosen One.

Jeff said...

Don't try to'll just hurt yourself...burn out your little pea brain...