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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who Are We

I love writing this blog. Since I was young I have loved writing. I've written some good things and I've written some real stinkers. Either way I was writing.

Since I was young, I've been a communicator. I love expressing my ideas. When I was in first or second grade I liked expressing myself so much the teachers had to put a box around my desk to stop my love of communicating.

The internet and blogging has just thrown highly flammable fuel on my fire of expression. I can share my thoughts with many and they can share their thoughts with me via comments. Together we are communicating and hopefully making this world a better place.

The internet also allows us to disguise who we are. If you have ever been in a chat room you'd find that people are always 6 feet tall, blond hair, blue eyes and muscular but not intimidating. In other words, they're not being quite honest. Sometimes it's fun to fake people out in chat rooms. I've been known to be a bikini model who has no respect for personal space.

With my blog, however, I'm always me. I have put my beliefs online in a honest and truthful manner. I realize my views, at times, clash with family and friends. And I've had wonderful conversations debating those differences intelligently. In return, I have a greater level of respect for those people. I hope they have a greater respect for me.

In the comment community of my blog we have some regulars. Some identify themselves, some don't. I've often wondered why some choose not to say who they are and hide behind the mask of "Anonymous". They are usually someone whose opinion is the opposite of mine. I'm guessing they don't trust their thoughts enough to own them. But, if you don't believe strongly enough in your thoughts, why post anything at all. I'll respect you more as will the community.

Another weak comment strategy is the "Last Word End Around". I'll post something brilliant and my readers will discuss it in the comments section. Sometimes we'll have some really great dialog. Some will feel that they need to have the final say. Like that means they've won some imaginary battle of words. The funny part is that they will return to a conversation from two weeks prior and post something like, "So there!", just to have the last word.

I realize my blog is relatively unimportant to the world. However, to me and my readers it is a platform by which we can shout out how we feel about an ever changing world. If, in the ten minutes people take to read my blog and maybe express an opinion, people feel better, then I've done my job.

Blog on people, blog on.


Cousin Linda said...

So there!

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Not quite Linda

Bob said...

Always enjoy your take on things Mark. I also enjoy Steve Dahl but can guess the rude comment he probably made that pissed you off. Sorry to hear he isn't taking criticism well.
Keep on writing Mark. Someday a book. You've got one or two in you.

bill said...

i think yesterday’s blog illustrates the effect negative comments can have.

we never really discussed mark point.

if it’s not too late?

as a long time listener of the steve and gary show, i know steve actions toward mark to be consistent with my impression of steve as being someone who is more concerned about consolidating his own personal power rather than someone who is a principled defender of free speech.

Mark Ploch said...


I'm not sure exactly which comment Steve made. He doesn't piss me off, he just bores me.

I have listened to him for many years and was entertained for many of them. I just found it interesting that a man who made a living using free speech was prohibiting others to do the same.

Sensitive, I am not. I'd like to hear what he said though. Which podcast was it?

Bill, you make a good point as how anti-Obama people work. Just distract people to make them look away.

Anony, no comment? Maybe in a few days, huh?

Steve Dahl said...

Is it OK if I post here?


Jeff said...

...Uh, I would like to talk about the feeding habits of kangaroos and their effects on relations with Cuba...

Anonymous said...

I heard Fidel Castro enjoys eating fried kangaroo. It gives him that extra hop in his communist step.