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Monday, September 28, 2009

Here's A Shock, Steve Dahl Censors His Critics

Two years ago I criticized an interview Steve Dahl did on WGN-TV, read here. Well, since then the once mighty and entertaining, Steve Dahl, has been pulled off the airwaves because of low ratings.

Gee, it seems I was right when I stated, "Steve Dahl was boring."

Well, the Hawaiian Sominex has been off the air since December 2008. And because he is still under contract with CBS he can't go "On The Air" with anyone else. What to do, what to do?

Steve has always been a fan of the internet and how it can be used to communicate to many at once. He's also a tech-geek which means he'd find a way to communicate.

On September 8, 2009 (my anniversary) Steve launched his new show via Podcasting on his website and iTunes. Steve is also available via Facebook and Twitter.

Well, I thought new medium, maybe a fresher Steve. I could not have been more wrong. Same old complaining, but just new things to complain about.

Being a "Friend" of Steve's on Facebook I had the ability to send him my thoughts on the podcasts. I guess Steve didn't like hearing the truth, because he BANNED me from making Facebook comments. He also BANNED me from making comments on his blog,

I just find it ironic that a man who made a living using his freedom to speak would silence others. Back in the days when Dahl was relevant he would have popped a vein if somebody tried to silence him. How sad is that?

I've listened to about five of his podcasts. They are best when Steve is talking to interesting people, like former Chicago Bear Tom Thayer. Tom could have his own show.

My opinion seems to be very representative of the facts. When Steve's podcasts debuted on iTunes he was the # 1 comedy podcast. As people are discovering he is truly boring his ranking has slipped to #21.

I would like for you to go to Steve's Facebook or blog and ask him why a proponent of free speech would BAN anyone from expressing their opinion. Just be forewarned, he'll probably BAN you too.


Anonymous said...

I guess it takes a bore to know a bore.

Mark Ploch said...

Good one.
Tell you what Anony.
You give me a subject and I'll blog the hell out of it.

Anonymous said...

OK. Please discuss the Platt Amendment and it's effect on relations between the United States and Cuba.

Jeff said...

Well now, there's an exciting suggestion! The Platt Amendment...HAHA! Yeah, a really hot topic there. What a DUMBASS!!! When are you and your redneck, rightwing butt buddies going to do the civilized world a favor and KILL YOURSELVES!!!

Mark Ploch said...

The Platt Amendment, huh. Don't think I could interest my regular readers about a century old piece of legislation.

Granted, that legislation was probably the seed of disdain for the U.S. by Cubans.

Of course, Castro probably leveraged that disdain to help support his regime.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeffie,

Still a pud. What new.

bill said...

how about a blog on people who post comments and hide behind several fake names in order to dodge responsibility for what they say?

Mark Ploch said...


I have so few readers now. I don't want to pander to one person, but on the other hand I think I could do something with that.

I mean Anonymous, yeah.

bill said...

i have another idea.

how about a blog about people who go back and post comments days later so that it looks like they had the last word?

Dingo said...

"bill" what an original "name".

Mark Ploch said...

Funny thing, Bill IS his actual name.

bill said...

the point is that i consistently post comments under the same name (my first name) so that others have a sense of who i am and what i stand for.