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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Little Baseball

I know there are more important things in this world than baseball, but please give me this moment.

Last night the Chicago White Sox said good-bye to two classy players, Jim Thome and Jose Contreras. In this era of spoiled athletes Jim and Jose went against the grain.

Too often we hear of accomplished sports figures "requesting" or demanding to be traded to a championship contending team. That was not the situation with these two players. The only thing missing on Jim Thome's resume is a World Series championship. He is now in a great place where that dream could be achieved.

I thank Jim for all the great moments he provided us during his time with the White Sox.


Cousin Linda said...

Thanks for your blog today.

bill said...

here here. two good ones.

bill said...

sorry, hear hear is what i meant.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Here's my thoughts,

Mike said...

Jim Thome is truly a class act that appreciates the privelage of being a MLB player. He's what all players should aspire to be.