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Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't Start Believin'

Anytime there is a major political story people from both sides of the issue usually make claims that the media was distorting the truth. Well, they are correct. The media, the modern media anyways, are all about selling their product. Like odds makers in Las Vegas, they are going to slant their stories to whichever way will get more readers. The media knows most people will more than likely NOT go back and see what was previously said.

Proof of this is in the sports section. A few months ago the media in Chicago was all abuzz about the Bears getting Jay Cutler at Quarterback. For months the press wooed us with his great abilities. Abilities we in Chicago had not seen in decades.

Then the Bears actually played a game. Reality hit the fan like a ton of elephant dung leftover from a third rate circus. The great Jay Cutler was mortal. He played the worse game of his career on national television in, gulp, Green Bay.

The same media that had been lofting him so highly, now was kicking him in the ribs while he was down. How dare he perform so badly after the media had written a new testament to the bible for him.

The media does this all the time. They setup their subjects just waiting for failure and then they pounce and kill.

Before Obama was elected he was untouchable. Republicans even blamed the media for having a crush on Obama. They were probably right.

But, now the honeymoon is over and the press wants blood again.

The conservatives are happy because the media is doing their dirty work for them.

My question is, where is the truth? Why can't the media just report on what happens as is?

Why do we need websites like to sift through what everybody is saying?

The conservatives worry about the country turning Socialist. Maybe we should all be concerned about what and how the media reports.

We are free to speak and to think. We have to take that freedom to seek the truth instead of accepting whatever is plopped down in front of us.

The following clip is long, but powerful.


bill said...

great clip.

why does it take a mr smith, or a particular president, or some activist group to force our government to do the right thing?

your right about the media, but
republicans are only worried that there will be socialism for everyone and not just them.

privatize profits, socialize risk.

Billy Carter said...

Mr. Smith is a myth. As long as there are greenbacks to made politicians will keep the b.s going.