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Friday, September 18, 2009

Copernicus Would Have Issues With Oprah

During my day I have the TV on in the other room. This allows me to keep up with the news with WGN Morning News (best news show in town). Then I switch over to the Oprah show to keep up with the pulse of America. Well, maybe not America, but maybe just Oprah's pulse.

I am not an Oprah hater. So don't get up in my face you Oprah fanatics. I'm not here to bash her. Because she is a billionaire she is a huge target for critics. In general, I think her show is and can be very informative. I like her show as much as any heterosexual male can.

With that said, I also think that Oprah thinks she is the center of the universe. This week was Oprah's premier week for the new season. A huge 2 day interview with Whitney Houston and a Michael Jackson tribute. Fair enough, I enjoyed Whitney Houston's career before she spiraled down the staircase of drugs and addiction and am curious if she can comeback. Also, a big fan of Michael Jackson, without having to actually wear a white glove of my own. So, I'm a little curious about Oprah's take on his death.

The problem with Oprah, in my opinion, is that Oprah thinks everybody thinks that she is center of the universe. During her interview with Houston, who's life has gone from the highest highs to the lowest lows, Oprah is talking about Houston's new comeback album. One song is Oprah's favorite.
She says to Houston,

"That song is my favorite, you knew when you were recording it that it would be my favorite."

Houston was married to a idiot that got her hooked on drugs and almost ruined her life for good. For ten years she lived in a life that could be described as hell. She has finally broken free from her dark side and is returning to her career in music. Something tells me she has more on her mind than whether or not Oprah is going to like song A or song B.

Then during her Michael Jackson tribute show. Oprah had an unprecedented interview with Jackson like 15 years ago. She was allowed into the home of Jackson, Neverland Ranch. At the time it was "the" interview to get and she got it. Her tribute to Jackson was basically her interviewing herself about her interview with him. Not about how he changed the music industry or that he may or may not have been murdered, but how she interviewed him.

Oprah has a lot to offer, but she has to stop thinking people want to see the world through her eyes. Copernicus was Polish and I am Polish. Like him, I am trying to inform the world that something is not the center of the universe. I'm sure I will be mocked, like Copernicus, for my views. But, maybe someday, hundreds of days from today, someone will read this blog and realize I was right. Just like Copernicus.


Scott Plocharczyk said...

Oprah has become a bag of hot air. She has done many good things but as you said it's all about Oprah.

Watch when she does an interview. She'll take 5 minutes and 10,000 words to ask the question and then when the guest starts to answer Oprah then answers the question. Lady please shut your hole!

Ms. Winfrey, Kanye is ready for meeting.

CFandl said...

Oprah has gotten way too big for her bricthes (and literally as well). It amazes me how there are people out there who worship her. She is the ultimate self-promoting do gooder.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between Oprah and an elephant?

An elephant has a trunk.

Tara said...

I don't watch Oprah so I will just agree with you :)