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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just Get Outta Here

As I've mention before, I'm following Patti Blagojevich on the show, "I'm Narcissistic, ... Look At Me!", as a blogger.

Patti has learned from her young bratty co-stars, cry, whine, cry, seek self-pity. On Monday's episode she had the flood gates wide open. Ironically, after super whiner, Pratt, coached her to open up and start talking. Cut to the next scene, Patti is telling a Baldwin being in the jungle is nothing compared to her last six months. She's doing what she needs to do for her children so that they can stay in the same house and same schools. Boo Hoo! Your husband dug this hole, now you have to fill it.

Then in the solo interview she starts crying. At one point I swear she looked up to see if the cameras were still rolling.

The other day I felt Patti was the sanest of this bunch. I still believe that because she is now trying to morph into her co-stars. It's all about attention, and I understand the show's concept. I don't know how Patti lived with herself before this show. And I really don't know how she'll do it after the show.

This show is really asking, How low will you go?


Scott Plocharczyk said...

Blogging or not, you're afraid to admit you're hooked to the show.

I doubt many of your readers are watching this crap.

Mark Ploch said...

I'm watching it so they don't have to.

Jeff said...

Hahahaha! Thank you, because there's no way I could it.

Mike said...

Thanks for watching this for me. My eyes still hurt from watching the first episode.
You are giving Patti and the Baldwins the attention they crave.