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Thursday, June 04, 2009

For The Kids, My Ass!

I confess I did it.
I told myself I was never going to do it, but I did.

I had to.

I'm a blogger.

I have a responsibility to you to research the underbelly of society and tell you what I've seen.

I watch an entire episode of "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here".

I felt that because I bashed Mr. Blagojevich so much I had to see what the Mrs was up to. My first thoughts were that PattiB was the only sane person in a group of true whack jobs. I had not even heard of some of these "Celebrities", yet quickly learned that folks will do anything to be on TV.

My second thought was that this "Costa Rica" jungle seem like a staged setting. I'm not buying that these people are anywhere other than a LA sound stage. At least on Survivor the jungle looks like a jungle.

But, I digress.

Patti's husband, Rod, was the guy that was supposed to go to the jungle. Apparently, the Blagojevich family is so broke they needed one of them on the show. Both Blagos have said they are doing this show for their children. Personally, I think my child would be more stressed out seeing a parent being washed away in the river or having giant bugs crawl all over their face. (Well, my son might find that part cool.)

Don't the Blagos realize their kid's friends and enemies will be watching PattiB on the show. If she does anything embarrasing her kids will suffer. Stop using your kids as an excuse. Rod broke the law. Rod needs money to pay HIS lawyers. Rod isn't doing the heavy lifting to help himself. After one or two more tarantula lap dances PattiB is gonna realize Rod is a jerk and she'll be gone.

The show is really for "Celebrities", if we can call tem that. PattiB clearly does not belong with these people. I give her credit, she seems nice. I just hope her kids don't suffer too much from this experience,

"They're Just Kids...Get Their Mommy Out of There."


Mike said...

This show brings out the worst in me. I find myself wanting a lion or a tiger to come out of the jungle and do as much damage as it can to most of these people.
The word 'celebrity' and the word 'hero' have lost their meanings in today's world.
At least I'm getting some satisfaction out of watching the plastic and botox melt in Janice's face from the heat.
A talent contest is the only hope of getting them off the island as quickly as possible.

Mark Ploch said...

Janice melting, that's funny.

Jeff said...

Rod might be going to the concrete jungle soon...

Scott Plocharczyk said...

I saw the last 20 minutes of the first episode and that was enough.

Patti B is on for one reason, to taint the jury pool for the trial.

I'd like Torrie Wilson to body slam all of them and claim victory to end this fiasco.

Mark Ploch said...

Concrete jungle, that's funny.

Diane said...

People make choices for what ever reason. I agree that this is more than likely more harmful for the children. Though I cannot bear to watch the show (so much more I need or want to do with my time) I cannot say that I would not do it though if my husband needed money for a good lawyer. She may just be delusional about the man she is married to or in fear of her financial future once he is in the "concrete jungle". Either way it is her choice. The people I blame all this on are the idiots that watch this crap giving it the ratings in the first place.

Mark Ploch said...


Just remember I only watched it for journalistic reasons. I totally ignored the commercials.

PeaKay40 said...

Patti B is no novice to the political world. She was and is a product of the corrupt Chicago politics. Her father the alderman,
Mel started her on to her future which is now. Anything for a buck.
If she and Rod really cared about the girls they would never have put themselves on the road that has run them off in the ditch.
Patti is no super mom she has a potty mouth and a nasty disposition.
Just ask my son who rented out one of her condo's a few years back.
She's a real winner.
She and Rod got what they deserve and unfortunately the kids will get the brunt of the actions of the adults of their world.

CFandl said...

Stupid show, with stupid people, watched by stupid people.

Mark Ploch said...

CF you and I finally agree on something.

There is hope.

bill said...

is there any "audacity"?

Mark Ploch said...

Change is coming

Tara said...

LMAO I can't believe you watched it. I just can't do it, not even a minute.

I did see the clip on the view of the blond guy who says he's the biggest celebrity in the world (I had no idea who he was) and another of him being baptized by Stephen Baldwin no less. That's all they showed and apparently there were no volcanic eruptions or sounds of Satan laughing in the background.

The clips were more than enough for me. If they all go home, will the show still run all summer? NBC sure has gone downhill, not looking like a promising way to pull themselves up either.