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Monday, June 22, 2009

Damn You Jo Bros!

As I'm sure you were waiting for me to appear on the Today show last Friday. I was in the Green Room waiting to go on. I was minding my own business eating some baklava and Ritz crackers sipping a Pomegranate and Pineapple smoothie when the Jonas Brothers walk in.

We exchanged some casual conversation. I told them about my

quest that I am on. They quickly jumped on every PC they could find trying to vote.

Then they started arguing over which one of them was Shaunna's biggest fan. From there a whole fight broke out and I was kicked in the mouth by one of those punks.

Well, I might have been kicked. It was either that or I knocked over Al Roker trying to get the last Ritz cracker, but let's not get lost in the details. He really knows how to use those elbows to block out.

Either way I had a fat lip and was unable to speak about Shaunna. Hopefully Letterman goes better tonight.

Please don't let this ugly incident stop you from voting for Shaunna.
Click on her picture in the upper right corner.

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