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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Real Change

First. Thanks to all who were concerned about my well being in regards to my turtle episode. I'm doing fine and I'm going to the wheelchair shop tomorrow to get the needed adjustments so that shouldn't happen again.

See, I am making changes. I read that others would like to make changes, but they don't know how.

Well, I think it is easier than you might think.

Over the weekend I watched a very interesting documentary, Sicko. (You can actually watch the whole movie online with that link.) There was one part of the movie that hit me like a hug from Charo.

If you fast forward to the 1 hour and 4 seconds of the film there is an interview with Tony Benn, a former member of British Parliament. He was explaining how Great Britain affords universal health care for ALL its citizens. He mentioned that during WWII Great Britain had full employment, something they didn't have before the war. GB felt that if they could have full employment by killing German Nazis why couldn't they have full employment by helping people.

His quote,

"If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people."

Then at the 1 hour 6 minutes and 42 seconds point of the film he discusses why Democracy is the greatest thing in the world.

To paraphrase;

Everybody has the same ultimate power, their vote. Yes, from the Bill Gates' to the Joe Grabowski's, from the Supermodel to the plain Janes.

We all have one vote.

How those votes get organized is where the power comes from. When you have power you can meet the needs of your community. The film describes how the poor people of our society get discouraged and then don't vote. You can control people two ways; frighten them and/or demoralize them.

I do not know many "powerful" people. I do know a lot of people that cover all spectrums of our society. And when you listen, and I mean really listen, to them they are all saying the same things. They are all tired of the various levels of government wasting their time and money. And for what? We're supporting companies and banks that are making products people don't want to buy and charging us tons of fees to manage our OWN monies. All the while people are dying or going bankrupt trying to pay for medical costs and food.

We live in an age where communicating your opinions has never been easier. We can tell our leaders what we want right now. All you have to do is write that letter, email or make a call. Let YOUR elected official know what YOU want.

And if they still don't hear you, run for office yourself. Get out and press the flesh.

Here are some links to get you started.

Write to YOUR President of the United States, even just to say hello.
Write to YOUR U.S. Senator, and discuss your future goals.
Write to YOUR U.S. Representatives, tell them how you feel.

Write or call your Mayor or other local government. Take your power and use it. Don't get frightened and/or demoralized. Get moving, get involved.

If I have time to write my often silly blog, I have time to change my world.


bill said...

we all get one vote unless, as you mentioned, someone who has a direct line to your representative gets them to do something that isn’t in his or her constituents interest.

they effectively control the votes of all the people he or she represents.

to continue with the referendum thread, it’s not an everyday thing, we would still have elected representatives.

then its just as you said, if we can find time to respond to your blog, we can find time to vote online to shape policy.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

We all listen to each other. The problem is with those that represent US. I'd say a good 95% don't care what we have to say.

It sounds negative but one can't just say they'll run for office. Even in small towns there is a power base. Money talks.

Truly, what is the last significant policy change we THE PEOPLE helped shape in this country? Women voting?

This whole idea sounds great on paper but there is a reality to it all. We only get to vote for people and only then do they listen. After that we're on our own.

Billy Mays said...


Your heart is in the right place. The problem that I see is that people like you are a small minority. Most people are clueless about what is going on in government (at all levels).

Keep fighting the good fight.

Mark Ploch said...

Billy , Scott and all who feel the same.

I'm not suggesting anybody can just decide to run for President and win. But, a person could organize their block for example and get a speed limit sign put up.

All big changes start out small.

Billy, you are very right when you say I'm in the minority. However, if you start adding up the minorities you build a power base.
The best example of this is the Gay & Lesbian community. 20 years ago the thought of same sex marriages was nowhere near the political radar. Now it's a platform plank. That community started as small minority groups.

Change can be achieved if the silent speak up.

Billy Mays said...


There are two areas that I would love to see REAL change occur:

a) Term Limits
b) Flat Tax

I think if these two things could be mandated into our country things would work a heck of a lot better.

It really doesn't matter what side of the political coin one comes from either. Everyone would benefit.

Mark Ploch said...


I'll see your
a) Term Limits
b) Flat Tax

and raise you with

Line item veto

Everyone screams about earmarks and pork well, let's have an effective tool to cut out the fat.

Billy Mays said...


I like the way you think. I have a feeling that a few of us here could straighten things out if they let us.

Why the government cannot live within it's means is beyond me. I know I have to.

I think what it may end up coing down to is the creation of a third party that caters to the best interest's of this country.

Mark Ploch said...


"If they let us" is the wrong way to approach it.

"We'll show 'em how its done" is where I'm coming from.

I live in Crestwood. Home of the tax rebate and toxic water. Change was impossible as long as people got their checks every year. Now people are seeing how much those checks really cost.
Costs for the village are low, and that's good. But more could be done to make this place even better than before.

Billy Mays said...


I read about that Crestwood thing. I can't believe they got away with it for so long. Scary.

By "if they let us" I meant that if the American people would vote in real agents for change instead of the phonies that are there now.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

Is someone reading your blog?,050709mcqueary.article

bill said...

i like consumption tax better.

i like the line item veto.

i don't really understand the thinking with term limits?

judges have lifetime appointments to supposely avoid corruption?

if someone had a limited time in office would they take everything they can because they know they aren't coming back?

Mark Ploch said...

Billy, got it. Good point.

Scott, It wasn't me. I won't attack the unions until I have a fortified base. But, that writer is correct.

Bill, how about a hybrid flatsumption tax?

You'll all be in my cabinet.

bill said...

scott, that link isn't working for me?

mark, i like the flatsumption idea.

bill said...

oooh! can i be secretary of labor?

Billy Mays said...


I want to be head of the CIA.

I have been called a spook many times in my life. ;-)

Besides, I work best under cover.

Mark Ploch said...

Everybody wants favor.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I like eggs.