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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I'm Tired

Have you ever been in a traumatic situation?

For example:

Trapped in a 747 on the ocean floor

Or stranded on a deserted island

Or stuck in your wheelchair with your head leaning back unable to reach your controls for four hours with spit filling your mouth because you can't swallow with your head leaning back.

(I couldn't an exact video match, but it will do.)

Of those three examples, I have experienced one of them twice. Can you guess which one?

(Just like in Dora the Explorer I'm pausing while you take time to answer.)

If you said, "stuck in your wheelchair with your head leaning back unable to reach your controls for four hours with spit filling your mouth because you can't swallow with your head leaning back.",

or like Dora,

"atrapado en su silla de ruedas con la cabeza inclinada atrás no para llegar a su control durante cuatro horas con escupir llenado la boca porque no se puede tragar con la cabeza inclinada atrás"

you're right.

Twice in 13 years I've been stuck like a turtle on it's back. This happened to me yesterday. It sucks because I can't do anything but wait for someone to get me out of my situation. So I thought about stuff. Granted it could be dangerous. But, I asked God they last time this happened to me, not to let me die like a helpless reptile. I knew I was not going to die.

I thought about my family, my work, my friends and my blog. In regards to my blog I was thinking about my political blogs. I'm pretty open about my opinions here. And some others who comment are very open about their opinions. The end result is we cancel each other out. Time wasted.

We need people to start using their ideas instead of just expressing their opinions. If you don't like the way something is being done, find a way to change things. When I was stuck and helpless I created a check list of what I need to do so that can't happen again. The pain I felt, and feel today, is nothing compared to how I felt when I realized my son was frighten by the whole situation. I can't let him feel that way again.

So, I'm encouraging all of my readers to stop complaining and start doing. I will no longer respond to complainers. I'm going to change my world.

Have a great day!

Another traumatic event, being stuck in an elevator with Carol Channing, a mime, and a bad ventriloquist.


Mike said...

Wow, glad to here you're alright. So what kind of action plan did you come up with to avoid this from happening again?

Mark Ploch said...

I'm wearing my head rest all day now and will be talking to wheelchair place to fix a loose box.

bill said...

glad to hear you are alright.

its not the opinions that i have a problem with.

its the name calling and negative attacks from people who rarely post their opinions.

i think that is is important to express our opinions in order to learn from each other?

Mark Ploch said...

I love opinions too. It's the complaining with no solutions that drive me nuts.

Jeff said...

The solutions are out there and they're obvious. Most progressive ideals are the solutions for the problems we face, not just opinions. What we haven't figured out is how to overcome the entrenched big money interests and the small minded authoritarian ideals of the religious faithful.

bill said...

we have to be able to vote for policies as well as for representatives.

referendums (a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to either accept or reject a particular proposal) are the answer.

Jeff said...

The game is fixed. (It' almost as bad as the NBA. Haha!) The will of the majority is being snuffed out through payoffs and control mechanisms like invisible space gods...

bill said...

that is why i think the referendum approach would work.

what if all of american voted on the T.A.R.P. bailouts?

i don't think that it would have passed?

Jeff said...

Yeah...but there would have to be a way to delegate some of it to people who would properly represent us or it would have to be election day everyday for us to get through it all...

Jeff said...

well, not election day per say, but voting day...

Mark Ploch said...

I believe the technology exists by were people could vote electronically. People should have say on each issue.

bill said...

typically these are done as part of a general election.

there currently is no provision for referendums at the federal level in the United States.

there needs to be, and it needs to be timely so that we can do it when the need arises.

the technology definitely exists.

can you imagine how engaged citizens would be if that was implemented.

let's get the American Idol people on the phone?

Mark Ploch said...

Ryan Seacrest for Speaker of da hizzouse

bill said...

let's get the Olivet Pong Shots guys to create the technology.

this is a must see:

Jan Brady said...

Two words folks:


Scott Plocharczyk said...

I'm still waiting for the actual footage of this incident

Tara said...

Glad you are okay Mark. I hope you get whatever you need fixed as fast as possible.

You are right, I wish I had solutions instead of just ideals and strong opinions. I wish I knew how to change things. I look forward to more posts on the subject.

PeaKay40 said...

Relieved to hear you are ok Mark.
You need to have a button affixed to your hand that would act like the "I've fallen and I can't get up".
As for opinions and such.
I agree TERM LIMITS and
a Media that would stop making everything super sized.