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Thursday, April 09, 2009

What's Going On?

A thought struck me the other day as I watched my Postal Employee fill my mailbox with junk mail.

Why are there overweight Postal Employees?

I mean no disrespect to Postal Employees. I've known and seen many and most are quite fit.

But why are some heavy?

My current Postal Employee is heavy as was my previous one. They walk and walk and walk. Usually while carrying a heavy bag of mail. They walk in the winter, spring, summer and fall.

I've heard walking is great exercise. I've even read about it here,

With all that walking Postal Employees should be in tip top shape.


Unless, in there mail trucks they are binge eating. Maybe not all those gifts from Hickory Farms make it to their intended final destinations. They can't stop at drive-thru's because they sit on the right side of the truck. And I've never seen a mail truck go through a drive-thru backwards so they must be pre-loading their provisions.

I'm not being critical. They all do a great job delivering the mail. It's just that my UPS & FED-EX guys are very slim and trim and they drive door to door not walk. Is there a weight gain anomaly here that doctors have missed? Has this been studied before? Is the CIA aware of this? Or am I just crazy (don't answer that)?

Maybe there are clues here.

Or here...

Or here ...


CFandl said...

They work for the government Einstein.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

When was the last time you saw a mail truck? They use minivans now and are on the drivers' side.

Oprah works out all the time. Herm Schneider is a trainer. Both are heavy. You're just blessed to have heavy mail carriers.

I think you wrote this just so you could post Seinfeld videos.

Tara said...

Hey I like Seinfeld videos. One local mail woman was just arrested for stealing money and gifts. Lost in the mail my butt, they are eating all my candy. My UPS man is a bit on the heavy side, but he is pretty fit for a large guy, and my packages never get lost. Plus UPS guarantees a timely delivery. USPS just charges a fortune and it shows when and if it shows. Priority mail claims 2-3 days, they have been known to take 12-14.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought it might just be genetics? Not everybody that is overweight is so because they sit on their fat ass eating twinkies and Big Macs. I have known many lazy thin people that eat like junk food junkies. People do not make assumptions about them though. When it come down to it who has the right to care it they are fat or thin as long as they are doing their job. BTW I love Seinfeld :)

Mark Ploch said...

I knew Anony would find a way to bust my chops.

I wasn't criticizing, I clearly stated that.

My mail people all use mail trucks.

And what's wrong with Seinfeld video?

Mike said...

Scott, when you have mailboxes on the street mail trucks are used with the wheel on the right side.
They are used a lot in the burbs.
Other professions have overweight people. Why are there overweight doctors and nurses. Shouldn't they be setting an example for their patients?
It's all about the metabolism......

Mark Ploch said...

So is it impossible for overweight postal workers to shed their pounds?

Look at Oprah. She has the best of everything and can not be thinner. I think there are those, myself included, destined to be heavy.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

I had read that the right sided driving vehicles were being phased out and replaced by more fuel efficient minivans. I have not seen the old trucks for at least five years and thought they were all gone.

Mark you basically contradicted everything you wrote with your last comment, "So is it impossible for overweight postal workers to shed their pounds?

Look at Oprah. She has the best of everything and can not be thinner. I think there are those, myself included, destined to be heavy."

Perhaps your carriers are "destined" to be heavy.

Anonymous said...

Seinfield and Oprah both suck.

Tara said...

Our mail people drive normal vehicles, the main one has an Explorer and the sub has a Honda. The steering wheel and pedals in both are on the right side.

Mark Ploch said...


What doesn't suck in your world?
You criticize everything written here. I'm glad to have you here, but why so down?