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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Is Perfection Tainted?

Over the weekend I did something I think my father would have been proud of, I bowled a perfect game. Now I did this on a Wii video game, but does it count as a great feat?

To bowlers a 3oo game is nirvana. My Dad was a serious bowler. He could talk to someone over the phone and correct their flaws. He was good. He never bowled a 300 game, but did take great pride in a 600 series (3 games with a total > 600) he once rolled. I just don't know if this counts on the pride scale.

Videos games have been around a long time. I've been there since the beginning. My family received a gift of a Magnavox Odyssey game circa 1974. You had plastic colored film to put on the screen to allow for color and designs. The game controls were like something from a nuclear energy control site. Skill involved being able to hold the controls that weighed a ton.

Next we had an Atari 2600. The most popular video game of the day. My brother and I would play sports games a lot because we were a sports loving family. I was way better then my brother (he'll deny). But while we were good at these video games, skill, talent and respect were never afforded to us.

I'll skip over the Atari 5200 fiasco and my Game Boy phase. I dabbled in games on the computer over the last 20 years, but I found they lacked the competition edge I yearned for from my youth (that sounds quite pathetic).

Now we have Wii. Santa brought Jimmy one for Christmas. The whole family can and does play together. The game comes with Wii Sports. You can play tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. You are up and moving around. Skill is required. Competition is reborn.
I admit that I have practiced after my wife and son have left for school. I got better, I got good, the competitive spirit was on fire.

But, would Dad have been proud? I think he would have some advice on picking up splits and I do think he would have been proud in a certain way. I know he would give the bowling a try too.


Scott Plocharczyk said...

Did anyone witness this alleged 300? Is there any official documentation? Anybody can photoshop a picture, well I can't. Were the lanes properly oiled?

Mark Ploch said...

Donna viewed the screen after 12 beautifully thrown strikes.

cousin Linda said...

You go big guy. Your cousin Skip and your cousin Bruce have both bowled 300 games. They're still bowling in a league. My husband has bowled a 297, so he came close.

A 600 + series is great for a serious bowler so your dad and my dad had a gift.

It must run in the family.

Hope that you get another 300 game but I bet it takes you a while to do it again. It takes skill to do it. Jimmy should make you a plaque.

Love Ya

Mark Ploch said...

The Plocharczyks are the Pettys of bowling.

Earl Anthony's Glove said...

Nice try, but no. Bowling a real 300 game is tough. I saw it done in a league I bowled in once and it was amazing.

Breaking 200 in bowling is hard. A couple of open frames can throw a big monkey wrench in a game.

Tara said...

I can bowl an 80. On the Wii I average around 120.

I like Scrabble.

PeaKay40 said...

Scott is a non believer?
I trust that even without a witness you wouldn't make that up.
Good for you that's quite a feat even on a Wi game.
Now the Petty's of bowling.............Not so sure about that one.

In my younger days I was quite proud of a trophy I received for a
700 series. I bowled a 708 in league play. I was proud of that too. Thne there were days when I bowled a 250 followed by a 97.
Just keep practicing and you can strive for multiple 300 games.
Go for it.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

PeaKay, we Ploch's are some of the best bs'ers in the world. :-)