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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Government Survivor Idol

I received an email from Jed, not his/her real name. Jed and I don't always agree on things, but we both know things need to get better. I have great respect for Jed because he and I can chat about our differences in an intelligent way.

He recently sent me an idea for better government that I will share with you. I was going to steal the idea as my own, but that wouldn't be right. (Besides, Jed knows where I live.)

Here are his thoughts:

I had one for you. Big brother just installed another “red light camera”. The poor sap in front of me this morning got his picture taken. I don’t like the fact that these cameras are there but they should discourage bad driving. Since the government, in this instance wants to discourage bad behavior, I was thinking maybe we could convince them to put these cameras in their offices. This way, we, their bosses who employ them can keep and eye on them. We could watch them like reality TV. Whenever we see one being unproductive we could dock their pay and that taxpayer who spots their bad behavior would get 50% of the pay they lost. The other half could go to charity.

I really think the networks or C-SPAN could make a show about this. I mean, besides military meetings what do elected officials do that we should not be privy to? Aside from Clinton and Larry Craig what do they do that we shouldn't see?


Tara said...

I hate reality tv... I would watch this one, lol.

Scott Plocharczyk said...

I think you and Jed should've kept this a secret.
Nothing goes on in their offices. It's done in high class brothels, hotels, and restaurants

Mark said...

Great, that will boost the ratings.

CFandl said...

I don't know if watching someone sleeping at their desk is all that exciting.