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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I love politicians, not that there's anything wrong with that.

If you haven't heard yet, the "I'M NOT GAY", not that there's anything wrong with that, Senator from Idaho, Larry Craig, is reconsidering his decision to step down from the U.S. Senate. He also felt his decision to plead guilty was a bad one and his decision to not seek out counsel during his legal problem was not a good idea either.

Will this man make up his mind on something please?

Isn't it his party that jumps all over some Democrats for first voting for the war in Iraq and now say it was a bad idea and that they should not have voted for the war's funding?

We as voters have to realize we have ALL the power. Politicians, all of them, will take the side of whatever they feel will get them the most votes. We as voters should start to make this idea work for us. As a whole we should start demanding some crazy stuff. I would like every household to get a free pizza and a movie once a week. Or how about each household is granted a free cruise every three years. I will settle for free cable.

I no longer care, or ever did, about the toe-tapping-can-you-spare-a-queer senator from potato(e) land. But please stop wasting people's time with your flip-flopping. I wonder how long it takes him to get dressed in the morning or to order at Denny's?


Scott Ploch said...

First off, the man probably isn't gay but maybe bisexual. Which leads to why he can't make a decision.
Male or female? Resign or not resign?

Mark Ploch said...

Good point. Can't believe I missed that one.