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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spam Spam Spam

I love Spam. There I said it. I love that canned meat treat.

We never had Spam growing up, but another product called Treat. (I Googled it, but found nothing, kinda scary.) Either way, fry it up and it was a tasty lunch.

But, I digress.

I saw the government shut down a world wide SPAM operation, yawn!
If you use email you have SPAM, or unwanted email. Well, so what. Before we had email we had junk mail. That was and is easy to deal with. Junk go through the mail and make two piles, keep and throw away. With SPAM I find it even easier because my email software, Mozilla Thunderbird, sorts my mail for me. If an email comes from someone that is not in my address book the mail goes to a Junk folder. As I write this there are 18 pieces of Junk mail.

I will look over the junk to make sure no legit email got in there. I mean, I don't have Angelina Jolie's email address so if she emailed me it would go to my Junk folder. Why she would write me, I don't know, maybe she and Brad want to stop by for dinner next time they're in town. (Could happen.)

From time to time I will get SPAM that has offers for pharmaceutical supplies. I do live in a remote area so using the internet for a pharmacy would make sense. I'm almost a whole mile away from the nearest Walgreens. There are also times I may want to order some "adult mood enhancing" medications. But, to be honest, I would never by my drugs from someone who couldn't spell the names of said drugs. How do I know if Viagra and Vyagrow are the same? I don't know if Moc-z-condin is a generic for oxycodone. If you are going to go into the business of selling illegal drugs at least learn how to use spell check.

I'm glad the good guys won this time. I also wish they would publish the names of the customers who fell prey to these spammers. I'm willing to bet they are also the ones who give away personal banking information to the Spammers trying to get $15 million out of the African banking system. I'm willing to bet they're also checking their regular mailbox for that check from AOL or Microsoft for forwarding a thousand emails to friends and family.

Use your heads people. Or Oprah is going to cryogenicly freeze all dumb people who don't wear Tommy Hilfiger. That's true, a friend of mine saw it on Good Morning America.


Mike C. said...

You might have tried another spelling of the word Columbo! Treet is a canned meat product, similar to SPAM, that is marketed under the brand name Armour Star by the Pinnacle Foods in the USA [1]. Treet is made with chicken and pork. SPAM is made with ham and pork. Treet is often less expensive than SPAM. YUCK!!

Mark Ploch said...

Ah just one more thing, I really enjoy it on toast.

Scott Ploch said...

My bro is lost when spell check can't help. Treet is far superior to SPAM

Anonymous said...

booorrrringg. I want to see some more inflammatory political discussions on here.

Mark Ploch said...

BTW, I googled Treet and still found nothing.
Anony, Did you watch the debates? Let me guess, you still want more info about ACORN and Bill Ayres.

Anonymous said...

Enough on the election! It's been 2 1/2 years of this BS. If you don't know everything you need to know by now, you shouldn't be voting. I want to form a group that will try to pass legislation to limit the process to 6 months maximum. The cost savings will be a boost for our economy and allow our congressman to go on more expensive useless fact finding missions!

Mike C. said...

Alpo is far superior to Treet or Spam, but that isn't saying much!

Scott Ploch said...

Anonymous that is a pretty good idea on campaign time limits actually. 6-9 months is enough time.
I already voted with my disabled voters ballot. My duty is done.