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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bottom Line

I have had comments posted on my blog that portray me as an idiot for supporting Obama.

"Yeah Mark like Obama isn't trying to scare people with his "Great Depression" talk.
P.T. Barnum was right and this blog proves it."

"You must have a gay fetish or something my friend. Any time someone disagrees with you they need to kiss a male or stick their head up his ass.
The fact that you are still alive and breathing proves that you have mastered this art.

I'm OK with people thinking I'm an idiot. At times, I probably am. I'm also fine with my decision to support Obama because I know I have made that choice using the brain God gave me.

I've seen many emails, reports and videos that go out of their way to smear Obama based on incorrect, irrelevant, and often flat out false information. Many read or watch this information and take it as the gospel truth. These are the people that scare me.

nephew'sIf you think McCain is a better choice because of his obvious experience, great. If you think McCain's personal military experience gives him a better understanding of controlling a country at war, vote your conscience. Just don't vote for McCain because you think Obama is a Muslim. Don't disqualify Obama because of a name his parents gave him 48 years ago. And please don't make any decision based on any emails you were forwarded by your babysitter's aunt's gym teacher's orthodontist.

I beg all of you to research your choice. Don't even listen to the candidates. They ALL have to say what people want to hear in order to get the votes.

I respect all people of intelligence and I pray for the ignorant. You have to decide which category you fall under.


Anonymous said...

I think that both candidates full pasts need to be presented to the American people. This includes their voting records as well.

From where I sit it appears that the MSM wants to gloss over Obama's past. Whenever someone brings it up the b.s. tag of racism comes up.

The fact that Obama has some Muslim descendants means zip to me. I really don't care about any politician's religious preferences.

Finally, I have a feeling that if Obama loses this election there will be the usual "stolen election" crap or "blacks rioting in the streets" threats.

Mark Ploch said...

You had me until your stereotypical ending.

Anonymous said...


No stereotyping at all. There have been people who support Obama talking about stuff like that for awhile. Google it.

Mark Ploch said...

Fair enough, I googled and you are correct. James Carville hinted at such actions. That still doesn't make it right. It is fair to say that given any event fools will be fools. Some flip cars when a sports team wins a big game. I hope, either way, cooler heads prevail. Maybe when McCain loses there will be an uprising in nursing homes across the country.

Scott Ploch said...

This election has to be won in a landslide on either side or the word "fix" will scream across America

Anonymous said...


I am afraid you are right. This is what stinks about politics. There is so much spin being spun that it makes me want to throw up.

The debates format that is being used is part of the problem as well. I would like to see a real old fashioned debate, but that will never happen.


I wonder what Cabinet posts Obama will give his buddies if he gets elected? Let's see:

William Ayers - Sec of Education
Tony Rezko - Sec of Treasury
Rev Wright - Sec of Defense
Louis Farrakhan - Sec of State

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Scott Ploch said...

Actually Arne Duncan has been mentioned as Sec. of Education.
I do not care who people have associated with in their past. This thing with Ayers truly is ridiculous as it is with ACORN.
I also don't believe there would be rioting in the streets by blacks if Obama lost. Why? The ones who would riot don't vote or have a clue about politics.
You will see outrage in this country if the maverick wins and we sink further into despair

Anonymous said...

So voter fraud allegations in over 20 states by ACORN doesn't concern you?

I was also wondering if you two could please tell me just how Obama is going to heal the economy.

Specifics only please.

Mark Ploch said...

Voter fraud happens every election on each side of the ticket. If you don't believe that than you are naive.

Do I believe Obama, himself, is behind the wrongful actions of ACORN? No.

If you believe Obama is that stupid to endorse such actions, then you are stupid.

As for the specifics of Obama's economic plan. Click this;

Anonymous said...

Lighten up Francis. I never said Obama was endorsing ACORN's actions. If you are foolish enough to believe that ACORN doesn't support the guy then you have some serious reality issues.

Linking to Obama's website huh? For someone who accuses others for not being able to think for themselves you sure do a good job of towing the Obama line.

Mark Ploch said...

You asked for specifics. How more specific can I be.

I KNOW ACORN supports Obama, I'm just pointing out that there is no official connection between the two, Mary.

Anonymous said...

So if voter fraud happens to get Obama elected to the White House you have no problem with it? I hope you would feel the same way if voter fraud gets McCain elected.

I guess the ends do justify the means for some people.

Mark Ploch said...

Voter fraud cancels itself out as both parties actively submit fraudulent votes. I doubt it will have significant impact.

However, if Obama was to win based on suspicious votes I guess that would even the score for Bush's 2000 election. And I know you conservatives love your "eye for an eye" philosophy.

Scott Ploch said...

Anonymous, we at least have the guts to use our names when we make statements. You hide. Use your name.
ACORN has been signing up voters for a long time before Obama ran. Again people want to pin any negative thing on Obama.
As for your economy question. I think one thing that will help is when he stops dumping $150 billion a year into Iraq.
His foreclosure moratorium and small business tax breaks are nice ideas too.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you would bring up the "Stolen 2000 Election". Do you still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?

ACORN is a sham organization and anyone who doesn't believe so is a fool. Obama was once a proud member of it. I know he is the Chosen One, but lay off the kool-aid for a moment.

Scott, I find it ironic that Obama was trashing that foreclosure idea when Hillary was touting it. Of course flip flopping comes natural to the guy.

I also wouldn't hold my breath on Obama getting the U.S. out of Iraq. We will have a presence there for a long time. Then again Obama wants to send a ton more troops to Afghanistan (like that worked for the Russians).

If the Chosen One does get elected who are you two going to blame for everything? There has to be someone. Who?

Finally, if you want a name just call me Spartacus. It has a nice sound to it.

Scott Ploch said...

Afraid to use your name, what a coward.
Without a doubt, nothing from the economy to Iraq will be solved overnight regardless of who wins.
Everybody has a past. Obama was with ACORN, he's not with them or endorsing them now. He knew Ayers when he was 8 and later on, never heard of Obama blowing up anything. In my opinion it's just not going to have any bearing on anything.
McCain helped his S&L buddies, cheated on his wife, disobeyed orders and crashed his plane in Viet Nam, and was a POW. All not relevant now.
We're all fickle people and if Obama makes things worse we'll scream for sure. After 9/11 we gave Bush a chance to make things better and sadly for all of us we have sunk lower each year.
Obama has a younger and fresher outlook on how to change things.
Will he? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Not afraid at all. The fact that I don't and it bugs you makes me smile.

Get your facts straight Einstein. Obama never met Ayers when he was 8 years old. He said that he was 8 years old when Ayers was blowing up buildings.

McCain didn't "crash" his plane over North Vietnam either. He was SHOT DOWN by the enemy. Strike two.

I would be curious to see how much both of you guys pay in taxes. I bet I pay more that both of you make together. The fact that Obama wants to raise my taxes to pay for the second Great Society is the main reason I am against the guy.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Actually, McCain disobeyed orders and was flying where he was not suppose to. Some say he was shot down others say crashed. I myself have not seen confirmation either way.
Big deal if you pay more taxes. I pay my fair share in accordance with what I make. What's your point?

Scott Ploch said...

The anonymous about McCain shot down or not is me.
By the way anonymous, I'm impressed you make over $250k. Too bad you're so angry.

Anonymous said...

Not angry at all. Just concerned that if Obama hoses me on taxes that I will have to let some good people go. That is my point about higer taxes. Get it?

This whole idea about McCain not being shot down in a bunch of b.s. Where did you read that on the Daily Kos? I am just glad a man like him was serving our country and not someone like you.

Mark Ploch said...

Anonymous(the rich one),

What is your point if you think you make more money than somebody? Are you entitled to more? Is your existence better than mine based on your pocketbook? Typical GOP crapola. Bush's economic wizardry took away from me, at a high point, $100k. I could give a damn about the money. Because I have not been to an away office, physically I have lost so much more, my independence. Money I can make again, my physical loses are gone forever.
But, I do not cry for myself. I know my family and friends love me. I don't need to wave my W2 in someones face to feel better about myself. You can't say that.

Mark Ploch said...

Here is where you can find the FACTS about McCain's flying career.

Anonymous said...

My point is that raising taxes on a small business owner like myself not only hurts me, but it affects my employees and customers. As I stated earlier I have 10 employees, with families, that depend on their jobs at my business.

Why is it that the top 5% of wage earners in this country pay 60% of the taxes? What kind of incentive do you think it gives people to know that they are going to get gouged by the feds should they work hard and become successful.

There is no way that Obama can give 95% of Americans a tax break with all of the spending proposals that he plans. The fact that he plans on eliminating the Bush Tax Cuts automatically raises taxes on people that pay them.

I have worked my butt off for over 20 years to get where I am at. If it bothers you then that is your problem. I am sorry for your loss of independence.

Finally, I still believe that John McCain served admirably (as well as all of the others who have served) and the fact that he had to endure 5 1/2 years of more hell than you or I have every been subjected to is enough for me.


Scott Ploch said...

I am not denying McCain's service to our country. He endured for 5.5 years, I've endured my own prison for 48 years in a wheelchair. A good economy keeps me working. McCain just has no clue how to fix it. Do you think taxes will remain the same with him as president? I doubt it.
I'm not knocking you as a business owner either. Just don't give us crap about paying taxes.
We have to work just as hard as you if not harder. Being disabled is expensive.
19 days we'll show who's best.

Anonymous said...


My intent was not to put you or Mark down. The fact that both of you are productive members of society is a testament to you.

What I don't think many people understand is how raising taxes on higher income folks has a really negative trickle down approach to all levels of society.

If I said I could guarantee you 100% that McCain would never raise taxes I would be lying myself. Washington is a joke on both aisles. However, I do believe that McCain will not tax Americans to the extent that Obama will.

To be honest with you I wish we had two better alternatives that McCain or Obama. For me it is the lesser of two evils.

In closing, I am officially calling a truce with you guys. We both got some jabs in, but I do respect your convictions. You are right, we will see what happens in 19 days (why do these days feel like dog years?).

Scott Ploch said...

I agree with taxes. The rich pay the most taxes in this country it is a fact. Obviously the more you make the more you pay.
I think what bothers people most is when Exxon makes $12 billion in profits and the guys sitting on their asses with CEO and CFO on the door getting $25 million bonuses.