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Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome Home

Today is a special day in our house. On this day in 2003 our son Jimmy was brought to us. As excited as we were to meet him, he was sleeping.

Nothing in this world can prepare you properly to be a parent, nothing.
Books, read them.
Videos, watched them.
Websites, surfed them.
Family, talked to them.
Friends, listened to them.

You see, while all those things are great tools for learning, the baby can't read, his hands were too small to operate the remote, he couldn't left click, didn't speak, and understand English yet. So here is the most dependent little guy in the world, and he's no help.

The best tool to help raise a child is time.
As each minute would pass we gained confidence.
Each hour gave us strength for the next hour.
Then each day brought us wisdom.
The weeks gave us the experience.
The months created trust and bonding.
These years have given us life.

The worst tool to help raise a child is time.
Each day we see our baby grow we realize how fast time goes by. Our baby is not as dependent as he once was. He can ride a two wheeler and tie his own shoes and he's a kindergartner. As parents, we couldn't be prouder.

There are also days you wish you could fast forward time. Just to see how things turn out. But, you know you just have to wait. Thank you God for bringing us that sleepy little baby.


Randal said...

Hi Mark-
Wow how time flies! Congrats on the 5 years of parenthood and good luck on the years to come.

bill a said...

"These years have given us life." well said, congrats!

Scott Ploch said...

Does he have a job yet?

Chris F said...

Looks like a great little kid.

Dee said...

Congratulations! I remember holding that sleeping little baby... that was 5 years ago? It's true we all continue to learn everyday. Wonderful subject childhood/parenthood.

Tara said...

It sure does fly by. Great post, I have no doubt that Jimmy is one lucky little guy. Congratulations.

Mike C. said...

I see he's wearing Cubby blue in the picture, but where's the ball cap?
Where does the time go?

Scott Ploch said...

Can we ban Mike C and his blasphemous statements please.