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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things That Make Me Go, Huh?

I'm always thinking about things to write. I take great pride in entertaining all 5 of my readers. I wish I had a voice recorder with me during the day so I could capture all my witty thoughts. As it is, you only get he 5% of the things I remember.

I had to laugh when I heard fellow blogger, like I know him, NFL Tight End Chris Cooley, "accidentally" posted a photo of his genitals. WHAT!
I post photos on my blog all the time. I look at photos all the time. I would know if there were anybody's genitals being posted here. Why is he taking pictures of his pigskin anyway?

We all know all politicians like to have fundraisers. The most popular, I think, is the fundraiser dinner. For Obama, recently in Beverly Hills, there was a $28,500 per plate dinner. For McCain, in Florida, there was a $50,000 a plate buffet.
(I'll pause while you digest those numbers.)
The McCain buffet would have me worried because when I go to a buffet I will use up to three plates. That would be $150,000 for me. It would show greater fiscal sense to just go to the Old Country Buffet.

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Scott Ploch said...

Apparently, this is part of the other 95%