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Friday, September 26, 2008

The above video is just a small example of how scared the Republicans are to have Sarah Palin speak. She has nothing to say.

Republicans will slam me and throw out the stale line that, "She's more qualified than Obama." But, if you stop and think about it, when have you heard Palin speak outside of a prepared interview?

Just because you say things like, "she's qualified", doesn't make it true.
Or does it?

I will now pretend I am a Republican. Everything I say is truth.

Bush is a great leader.
McCain is a true contemporary.
Palin could handle world leadership if needed to.
Joan Rivers is funny.
The Cubs will win the World Series.
Paper cuts are invigorating.
A clump of hair in your oatmeal is a tasty treat.

See it's easy to come up with things to say, but it doesn't make them true. As the world gets to know Palin they will see she a political trophy. She looks the part, but please don't ask her to talk.


Anonymous said...

This blog and your whining are getting boring. Steve Dahl was right.

Mark Ploch said...

He's also fat, what's your point?

Scott Ploch said...

As the days have passed it is overwhelmingly apparent that Sarah Palin isn't even qualified to be a community leader.

Mark Ploch said...

Funny how quieter and quieter the cheering gets after each time she speaks.

What do you have to say now anonymous?