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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get It Right

When I plan on spending more than $50 I take my time to assure my wife and myself that I'm not making a mistake with my money. I still have gift certificate my brother gave me for Christmas because I can't decide which product would be best. I'll probably go with the automatic air pump because it will make inflating Jimmy's toys and basketballs a lot easier. But, that 8gb memory card could be quite useful as well.

That's what I do. It drives me nuts sometimes, but I know I will have gotten the decision right. With Congress taking their time trying to how best spend nearly a trillion dollars, I say, "take your time and get it right".

The magnitude of this banking crisis is forcing Republicans and Democrats to work together. Some say that Congress needs to move faster because stock prices are falling fast. I say, "take your time and get it right". The amazing thing about stocks is that they go up and down all the time. Warren Buffet, arguably the wisest man in the financial industry, announced that he was going to invest $5 billion into Goldman Sachs.

Both Presidential candidates are using this situation to their benefit. They should, because come November, this mess belongs to one of them.

I say, "take your time and get it right".

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