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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fly The Friendly Skies?

Much to my son's unhappiness I don't fly on airplanes. I'm not afraid to fly, I just prefer driving. I realize that my family could get from point A to point B much sooner than driving yet I still choose the road. I would rather endure 22 hours of inane questions from my son while driving as opposed to 2.5 hours while flying.

But why you ask?

Well, since you asked. The main reason I don't fly is the baggage handling. If I fly my wheelchair must go in the baggage area of the plane. Now I realize millions of items are checked into baggage everyday with no problems. I also realize great care is taken with almost all those items. Yet I just feel uncomfortable parting ways with my $20,000 wheelchair.

Now I know some of you out there are saying,
"Mark, an airlines would take extra special care of your wheelchair because they understand how important it is to you. Don't worry."
To you I say, "Miguel Olaya."
And you say, "Who?"
And I say, "Miguel Olaya."
And you say, "I heard the name, but who is it?"
Then I say, "Don't get snippy, I'll tell you."
You say, "Snippy? I'll show you snippy. I got your snippy right here pal."
Then I'll...(never mind)

Um, Anyways,
Miguel Olaya is a man from New York. His wife died of cancer. He wanted to bury his wife of 26 years in Ecuador. All the arrangements were made. Problem was American Airlines lost his wife's body.
For four days the airlines had no clue where the casket was. Imagine the man's heartache wondering where his wife's was and how it was being handled.

Now if a dead person can't be handled with care, there is no way I'm turning my wheelchair over to the baggage department.

So I have to say to my family in Cali (I'm so cool), "We'll see you in a few days." As opposed to "We'll be there in a few hours, please pick us up at gate 7."


Scott Ploch said...

I never had a problem in all the times I flew. You're just a baby.

Mark Ploch said...

Am not!

Scott Ploch said...

Are too!

Mark Ploch said...

You're a poop head

Scott Ploch said...

Well you're a uh um ah bigger pooh head

Randal said...

Now, now boys...You both are poop heads. There, it's settled!