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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Don't Let The Pretty Lady Fool You

I keep wanting to write about something other than politics, but I can't help myself. The latest election polls have McCain leading. Ever since he announced Mommy Hypocrite McCain's numbers have been rising.

People please do your research. This lady is a self serving ego maniac is a dress. Let's go to the tape. Oh yeah, I forgot this is a blog not a TV show. Ok, let's go to the links.

A smart look at Sarah Palin from the Daily Show, click here.
An interesting point from The Nation, click here.
An opinion from someone who actually knows Sarah Palin, clink-a-rino.

Now some things I've been pondering.
Palin is absolutely against abortion even in cases of rape of incest. She is Pro-Life 110%.
Palin is a longtime member of the NRA. She believes people have the right to own guns for hunting and protection. So, it would be alright to kill a rapist, but not the baby he left behind. She also supports the death penalty. She also supports McCain on Iraq. A life is a life, you can't play God and decide who lives and who doesn't.

Palin stated that she is proud of her daughter Bristol despite being 5 months pregnant. Yet, she triedto hide her pregnancy. Only speaking the truth when they were forced to by false rumors. She is proud of her future son-in-law, despite not traveling with him until forced to do so.

And one more thing.
McCain is a strong supporter and protector of the sanctity of marriage. I guess that is why he has been married twice. Read about how he loves marrige. He has a past of extramarital affairs as well. Source.

This McCain/Palin ticket must be looked at closely. Remember, it has been the Republicans that got us into this mess. They can't get us out.


Tara said...

Great post Mark

Scott Ploch said...

Republicans say one thing, mean another, and want you to accept both.

Mark Ploch said...

They have the great ability to avoid issues.

bill a said...

they have a great ability to "frame the issue", in the media, all the while avoiding the actual issues.

bill a said...

scott, "...they want you to accept both". great quote. i may "borrow that".

Scott Ploch said...

Bill, just mention my name when borrowing. Oh wait, the government owns borrowing now too. Sigh!

Anonymous said...

You morons wouldn't know an issue if it hit you in the face.

Mark Ploch said...

Here's an issue. McCain is so convinced he will lose he chose a gimmick running mate to hopefully siphon off some Hillary voters. Palin will fall to trendy one liners come debate time. She can barely run her family, how could we expect her to run a country?
Get your head out of the GOP's ass long enough to admit McCain made a big mistake. Speak for yourself instead of what the GOP expects you to say. I would have more respect for you, you spineless chunk of brie.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I could care less if you respect me or not. Maybe you should open a thread about Obama's good buddies William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn.

The chances of that happening are zip. You know that if the American people took a closer look at Obama they would see him for the fraud that he is.

Mark Ploch said...

You tell me how a one-time association 13 years ago is relevant today and I'll talk about it.
You make it sound like he has dinner with them every night.

I'd be willing to bet every politician has been in the company of near do wells at one point or another.

You, like most Republicans are desperate. You're trying to get out from under your Palin blizzard and you can't.

Good day!

Anonymous said...

Who is desperate? You libs that is who. Ever since McCain chose Palin as his running mate you guys have been doing your best to get the smears started.

Obama just didn't have dinner one night with Ayers. They have a relationship that goes back quite sometime. Ayers is a scumbag plain and simple.

I keep hearing about how smart Obama is. If he is so smart why does he associate with people like William Ayers and the Rev Wright?

If Obama does win who are you and your friends going to blame for anything bad that happens to you?

Mark Ploch said...

Provide me with proof. Don't be a GOP ass kisser and just throw out allegations without substance.

Rev. Write? Are you still suckling on that dried up teat of no story?

You are wasting my time.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a Democrat Ass Kisser. How ironic.

Mark Ploch said...

You have no idea how wrong you are.