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Thursday, September 04, 2008


I could talk all week about how I think the Republicans are wackos. But, I wont.
I could argue McCain ONLY chose Palin (Sidenote: My spellchecker doesn't even know who Palin is.) because she is a woman. But, I wont.
I could ask, if Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic nomination would McCain have picked Alan Keyes as his running mate? But, I wont.
I might ponder why nobody has criticized Palin's daughter for have pre-marital sex. But, I wont.

I'm not going to talk about anything important.

Just like the Republicans.


Scott Ploch said...

In the whole scheme of things, Palin's daughter is not an important issue.
Now if Sarah was pregnant by her daughter's boyfriend, THAT would be important.

Mark Ploch said...

She just seems like she belongs on Maury than on CNN.

bill a said...

'Perfect populist pitch', that is the headline on Yahoo this morning.
False Populism that is. She was speaking to the super rich last night, not the average person. To vote Republican is to vote against your economic interests. Unless your rich?

Mark Ploch said...

Oh, I forgot. I'm rich.

bill a said...

I saw this article on today.

The Word From Wasilla
John Nichols
An Alaskan's take on Sarah Palin.

Scott Ploch said...

Obama has worked directly with people. He relates to poor and rich.
Both sides will stretch facts but Palin took it extreme last night.
I'm still confused by Guliani. What was he doing?

Eric Levinson said...

I wonder if she is related to Michael Palin from Monty Python? I digress.

Palin's daughter's issues don't matter. Even if she decided to go on a serial killing spree, it still shouldn't matter. You can raise your children as best as you can, and even then there is free will. Rodney Dangerfield said it best, "I have two kids, one I put through college and the other I put through a wall!"

Regarding Democrat versus Republican, I don't think it matters anymore. I learned in high school (in the 80's) that political parties have distinct values and priorities that define the party lines. More recently all I hear from debates and media is how both parties are more twoards the center, on a steadily increasing number of issues, which begs the question, does democracy really work when election outcomes are 49% to 49% with a margin of error of 2%? This guarantees the electoral college system with its wacked out gerrymandering of electorates by state determines the outcome of the election.

I am going to vote for the candidate who will fight to end the war we should have never been in, fix the healthcare system which Hillary was supposed to do as first lady by taking monumental profits and pork out of the system, (I like the pledge Obama made to double the cancer research spending, we should double all medical research spending) and control energy costs and work to clean up the environment. Al Gore never spoke about building nuclear power plants in his movie. Everyone advocates more coal buring plants (and more are being build every day) which accounts for most of our carbon footprint.