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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Anonymous

Yesterday in my blog I expressed my bitterness towards my recent financial and physical downturn since Bush took office. I failed to mention that I know many others that are in the boat as I am. People highly trained and experienced forced to do jobs that pay far less then what they were accustom to. So please don't mistake my story as an isolated situation.

I received an reply from an anonymous person;

I can see how you may be anti-Bush about some things, but to blame the guy for your current economic situation doesn't make much sense to me.

Why not blame it on people making stupid business decisions and playing games with real estate.

Anonymous is not alone. I've seen this type of devotion to Bush quite a bit. It's blind and stupid. The above statement is stupid because Bush is also the reason behind the current real estate disaster. Please read this article from the Washington Post that explains how Bush did NOTHING to stop the real estate mess.

My brother Scott then invited, no begged, Anonymous to provide two things Bush has done to make this country better.

(cricket sounds)

I extend this invitation to all my readers. Give me TWO examples of how Bush has made this country a better place. There's a better chance of me walking before we can count #2.


bill a said...

The most illuminating quote from George Bush, I think, is this: "money trumps peace sometimes". This is a statement that he made at a press conference on 2/14/07. I did a search on google for "money trumps peace sometimes" and i got 878,000 links. This is a response to his statement from one of those links.

"Wow. I mean, seriously, wow. Did you hear Bush say that at the press conference this morning? Did your jaw drop like mine? That one stood out... a rare burst of candor, an acknowledgment of the real reasons for this tragedy we're in. The unwitting truth was conspicuous in an hour filled with terrifyingly stubborn and stupid lies, with a petulant refusal to address the illegal conduct of three members of his Administration, with a blind ignorance of the realities in Iraq, and with a sickening arrogance more fitting to a child-King than to a President."

If money trumps peace, then what else does it trump?

More crickets sounds.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

During moments like these I wonder where Bush supporters go.
They hide for a few days because they hope the stupidity will blow over.
Well, not here.

How do you support this Anonymous?

Scott Ploch said...

Chirp, chirp, chirp

Anonymous said...

Ok, one or two things Bush did to help this country.

1) The Terrorists, according to Bush, hate our Freedoms. Bush has destroyed many freedoms with the Patriot Act and warrant-less wire tapping. Thus we now have less freedoms, saving us from the bad terrorists.

2) Bush has done nothing but help big oil companies to bigger profits. Costing you more at the pump, jobs, and how to spend your money.

This is the American Way according to Bush. So therefore it must be good to him and his followers.

Frankly, it's really fucked up.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that if a Democrat was in office your tune would be different. You would be going out of your way finding someone else to blame.

Bush is an easy target so blame the man for every disappointment that you have experienced since he has been in office.

Two good things that Bush has done?

1) Been the most pro-active U.S. President as far as the aids problem in Africa goes.

2) Rid the world of that murderous thug Saddam Hussein and has Bin Laden hiding in a cave.

Before you go off attacking me for being some blind ass Bush supporter, don't. In my opinion he has turned his back on true conservatism in many areas.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Well, I'll give you one out of two.
Bush can be commended for assisting those in Africa with aids. That is the right thing to do and he did it.

While I will admit the world is a better place without Saddam. You must remember we didn't go in there to stop a "murderous thug". That was an added bonus. We HAD to go in there to find WMD to save the USA and rest of the world. Still waiting for those WMD to be found. And Bin Laden, the original "murderous thug" doesn't have to hide. If we really wanted him we would have had a larger % of troops in Afghanistan.

You still haven't said what Bush has done for the U.S.

Anonymous said...

You are more naive than I thought if you think all it would take is to increase troop levels in Afghanistan to catch Bin Laden.

The Russians tried pouring a ton of manpower into that place and it got them nowhere. If Bin Laden is still alive chances are he is hiding in that lawless region between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

To go into that area would be idiotic. Anyone who thinks otherwise would be a complete fool.

As far as "what has Bush done for the U.S.?". I believe the fact that we have eliminated scores of terrorists is something that has benefited this country.

I know this isn't the answer that you are looking for. Maybe Obama is right afterall about his "bitter" comment.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Just fold before you loose everything.

Bush has created more hatred towards the U.S. with his actions worldwide. That hatred is creating more terrorists willing to do us harm.

True adding more troops NOW to find Bin Laden would be pointless. It should have been done Sept. 12, 2001.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that if America is hated so much why do so many people want to move here (both legally and illegally).

The United States has done more good for the rest of the world than any other nation. This despite the many ingrates that live here and in other countries.

President Bush understands that Islamic terrorists only understand force. They have been under the impression that America is a paper tiger. In that part of the world people will always favor a strong horse.

I know I am wasting my time discussing this with you. I just wonder who you will blame if a Democrat wins the White House for any of your problems.