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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Just Shake My Head

There is a phrase, "Only in America". This used to stand for great things. Stories of the little guy rising up from the gutter to change the world. Achievements so grand of size, tears would come to your eyes to view them.

Nowadays the bar has been lowered a tad. I speak of the recent turmoil involving the governor of New York. Not that he was caught up with a prostitute. That, as we know, is an old profession. The fact that a woman's magazine wants him to pose naked is what got my head shaking like a bobble-head.

Only in America would an offer like that be made.

I haven't heard whether or not he has accepted.

The prostitute, not wanting to miss an opportunity, is doing well selling her music online. She did miss out on a million dollar offer though. Turns out a popular video distributor was planning a new magazine, sans nudity. They were going to offer the money to her to be in the magazine. But, someone checked their old videos and guess what? They found her on an old tape naked as a pear. This video company usually gives the girls a free tank top, DVD, or Frisbee in exchange for a video peek at the goodies God gave them.

Only in America would an offer like that be made.

I wonder if she still has the Frisbee?

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Scott Ploch said...

Actually the bar has not been lowered. Women in this country who make news are offered to pose nude so why shouldn't he.
The offer to the girl was made two years ago. The offer was rescinded when they found her nude footage.