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Friday, March 14, 2008

Chose Your Career Path

Now that the dust is settling from the NY Governor/HOOKER episode, I have a few thoughts.

I read some quotes of THE HOOKER that kinda made me laugh.

"I just don't want to be thought of as a monster," she said. "This has been a very difficult time. It is complicated."

She states this is a difficult time for her. Awe, let met get you a warm blanket you poor sweet HOOKER. Now, I'm not judging her on being a HOOKER. But, when you live the life of a HOOKER I can't imagine your life ever being non-complicated.

We've also heard this woman to be described as an aspiring singer. There are many ways to make it in the music industry.

1. The hard way. Spending years learning your craft. Working in the industry learning about the business. Making contacts and getting your music out where people can hear it. Singing small gig after small gig.

2. The easier way. Spend 24 hours waiting in line at an American Idol mass audition. Make it to Hollywood. Get picked by voters for 3 months. Win the competition and get a recording contract and win awards.

Neither of those paths involve being a high priced HOOKER and sleeping with a governor. I haven't heard if the NY Gov had any ties to the recording industry so I don't think he would have been much help to her singing career.

Some might say this girl was forced into this lifestyle. I will admit that can happen. But, that's usually the HOOKER you see near the 7-11 offering "services" for pocket change. She'll also have a "manager" named Jimpy Jones or something who helps "manage" the money and payroll.

The Gov HOOKER was working in nice hotels for thousands of dollars a night. Her family has come out being very supportive of her during this "complicated" time. One could assume her family would have supported her "aspiring singing" career.

Well, I have news for our newest celebrity. She will forever be known as the HOOKER. She may appear on every adult magazine, every b-level reality show, every talk show from Oprah to Ellen. But she has chosen to be defined as the HOOKER.

Which will happen first? Will the HOOKER win a Grammy or have her own reality show on A&E called, "Hooked on Music"?


Sam said...

I think the problem with the stories being told about this woman in the media, is that the media is largely having to fabricate a story for her because she isn't actually talking. All quotes/info are coming from her MYSPACE page which is not exactly a credible source, from a journalistic view.
Also, her profession, right now, does not define her for life. And besides that, it's just not nice. I mean, you wouldn't like me to say that even if you get tons of comments on your blog (from spamming myspace) that even if you become a successful blogger you're still and ASSHOLE. Right?

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Sam I'm Am,

I do not SPAM myspace. I am an active member who signs my posts with my blog site. I do not go to random sites of people who don't interest me. To prove my point, I'm not a member of yours.