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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Brothers

I don't know what the odds were of two brothers winning two Super Bowls back to back. I'm guessing they were pretty high. While the odds were probably high, I know how it came to be. Brothers are the best sources for training and motivation. I know this because I'm a younger brother.

In our youth my brother and I found ways to compete despite our disabilities. If a psychologist were to analyze us growing up it would have been quite interesting. We both loved sports, but being disabled made it difficult to compete on that level. Did it stop us? No.

I can remember us taking the dice and cup from the game Yatzee and shooting hoops with them.
We found that we could play catch with a rubber ball. Great! Add some imaginary strike zones and you've got a pitching game.
Take any ball. One player uses his feet to move the ball towards the other's goal, the other a stick. Now you're playing Sockey(Soccer + Hockey).

Our disabilities didn't allow us to throw a ball with our arms, no problem. Take a whiffle ball, place it on the end of a regular dowel rod, a ball can now be thrown by someone who can't lift their arms. This discovery led us to modified versions of baseball, basketball, football, golf, and various field events.

We even competed at Tiddly Winks. I swear that is true.

It was all competition it was all healthy. I guarantee the Manning brothers compete at everything they do. They just went from the backyard to the front yard of the world.

I'm sure my brother will dispute this, but I usually was the winner. I know my blog is better then his.
(Let the games begin.)


bill a said...

great blog. we all competed at modified versions of sports because of our own limitations. indoor baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. you didn't have to have the strength or grace of a professional athlete, only the heart. we made up the rules, boundaries, and playing fields as we played. those are the games that my brothers and i still talk about and talk smack about.

Scott Ploch said...

Apparently my brother's memory is messed up from the Hannah Montana movie because he did not usually win our epic battles.
Considering he had more strength he should have dominated me but my smart play made up the difference.
As for blogging, if I had the time I could be superior so enjoy your lofty perch.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

My OLDER brother's Alzheimers has kicked in early.
My strength was that I was just better.

Scott Ploch said...

Apparently my brother needs to feel superior.
Bottom line, he did not win as much as he thinks. But I have little time to debate this.

Mike said...

Settle down boys or I'll forward this story with these comments to JAY MARIOTTI! If I throw in the fact you're both Sox fans, he will be all over this.
Having witnessed a few of your battles first hand, I saw wins on both sides. Maybe The "Wide World of Sports" has some 8mm projector footage of some of your battles in their archives.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Scott destroyed the 8mm Zapruder film of me kicking his butt all over Alsip.