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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Race Goes On

Who will win the office of President?
Who will you vote for?
Regardless if you like Obama or Clinton or McCain, you have to admit this election has a buzz to it.
I can't remember an election that has been like this. It's exciting to be an American.
Issues are still being talked about and the negative campaigning has been at a minimum.
I know what issues are important to me and those are being discussed.

I still laugh and shake my head when it is assumed blacks will vote for Obama, women will vote for Clinton, and all stodgy grumps will vote for McCain.
If I were a black stodgy grumpy woman I would really be torn on who to vote for.

A few weeks ago fans of Oprah were mad because she chose to support Obama over Clinton. I would imagine her black fans would have been equally upset had she chose Clinton.

This is America people. We have the right to support whomever we chose. Just make sure you chose who I do.

I'm still waiting for Stephen Hawking to "roll" for President. Get it, roll for President!
(Before my critics jump on me. I know he's not American, but Christopher Reeve died and I have no other famous wheelchair bound names in my file.)

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