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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweatin' To The State of The Union

Like the good Americans that we are, last night my wife Donna and I fired up the 55 inch HDTV and turned on the Dolby sound system. We let Jimmy stay up late. We all dressed up like our favorite Americans. Donna was Betsy Ross, Jimmy was Ben Franklin, and I was Jared from the Subway commercials. We got out the snacks and drinks as we prepared to watch the President's State of The Union. We laughed, we cried, we thanked God we are Americans. When it was over we read Jimmy the Constitution and went to sleep.

(Fade To Reality)

Truth be told Donna was packing away the last of the Christmas decorations, I was burning a CD of birthday songs for Donna, and Jimmy was reading some books before lights out. We missed the first 15 to 20 minutes of the Address.

I, personally, didn't feel sad that this was Bush's last Address. Hopefully, the next one will be more interesting.

It is always easy to see how divided the government is by watching the State of The Union. Just watch who stands and who doesn't during ovations throughout the speech. Here's some examples;

Mention the troops - everybody up.
Mention reissuing terrorist spying techniques - Republicans up, Democrats sit

Each year there is so much up and down during the speech I expect to see Richard Simmons out in front encouraging the lawmakers to sweat. That is everyone except the Supreme Court Justices. They don't move for anything.

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