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Thursday, November 01, 2007

That Would Be Bull.

The Chicago sport scene has been all a buzz about the potential of Kobe Bryant coming to play for the Chicago Bulls. I say, "Pass". Which, ironically, is a word Kobe doesn't understand.

Chicago fans had 13 seasons to watch the greatest basketball player in the body of Michael Jordan. The NBA has been looking for his replacement since he finally finally finally retired after the 2002-03 season. Many believe Kobe is the guy. Ummmm, nooo.

Kobe plays great and has Jordan-like talents, but Kobe plays for Kobe. He lacks the intangibles that make great athletes great. Kobe, and many of todays talented athletes, forget that they play on a TEAM. They all want to be "The Man". They just want to be the high scorer or the most this or the most that. They know that is where the big money is. And if money is the main goal, they are right.

Even the great Jordan fell prey to this style of teamwork in his early days. However, Jordan's scoring actually went down when he and the Bulls started winning their six championships. Jordan excepted his team and his team excepted him.

Of late the Bulls have been trying to re-create a championship team. They have collected a team of teamwork minded players. They are, however, being hypnotized by the light of Kobe like a moth to a bug zapper. The LA Lakers are trying to dump Kobe like a bag of potatoes. Fans in LA are booing Kobe, yet the Bulls continue to try to get him, why?

It will be a sad thing to see Kobe pretending to be Jordan in the house that Mike built. Kobe will, at best, be the pool boy.


Scott Ploch said...

You'll never understand the NBA. Don't worry no need to learn. The Bulls couldn't equal payroll. Kobe on this team as is would win, he's a scorer they lack.

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Kobe is a team killer.
They wont win with him.

drwho_who said...

No Kobe. I have posted on about this, in their blog.

This Bulls team is pretty good and still very very young. Deng is only 22! This guy could be pretty darn good in this league. Will Deng replace MJ? No. But Deng has potential to lead this team.

Kobe is trouble. Kobe is a mess. Kobe will break this TEAM up.


Anonymous said...

Why would Kobe want to come to the Bulls anyway? All he would be doing is playing in Jordan's shadow and not winning any titles to boot.

The Bulls will never win a title with this team. They rely way too much on their 3's going in and don't get to the foul line enough.