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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Did you not learn anything from Steve Bartman?

Dear Cub fans,

I'm writing you today out of concern. I see you celebrating now as if you have already won the World Series. Remember there are no trophies awarded for Central Division Champs. All you get is the right to buy over-priced T-shirts ($25), caps ($20), sweatshirts (over $50) and my favorite the Central Division Champs gold coin ($20).

Ask yourselves is this what you've been waiting your entire lives for?

In 1984 you were one game away from the World Series.
Only to lose 3 in
a row.
Nothing is guaranteed.

In 2003 you were 5 outs away from the World Series.

5 outs!

Nothing is guaranteed.
In 2004 the mighty overpaid Yankees were up 3 games to the Red Sox, and lost 4 in a row.
That was never supposed to happen, but it did.

Nothing is guaranteed.

At the Cubs pep rally yesterday they brought out a team member from each of the Cubs previous post-seasons. Essentially all losers. If you don't stop celebrating mediocrity you will never move forward.

When the Sox were bad Sox fans closed their wallets to the team, but not their hearts. It was tough love, but in the end we won the 2005 World Series. And then we gladly opened our wallets and our hearts even more.

I know what it feels like to support a World Champion. I've been moved to tears seeing the team my father and my grandfather rooted for win it all. My father only got to see a World Series, not a champion. My grandfather would have seen the 1917 World Champions.

I know nothing can replace the euphoria of winning it all.
Cub fans will say they are the best fans because they support their team win or lose. I ask, "How's that been working for ya?"



Scott Ploch said...

You're lucky Steve Dahl isn't a Cubs fan

Mark Plocharczyk said...

I bet if they go farther he'll flip.

Mike said...

There is a lot more going on here than just winning the Division. First, those stinking rotten Mets who ruined the dreams of little Cub fans back in "69" just suffered the worst collapse in MLB history. Second, those scum sucking Padres who stole it from us in "84" just suffered a collapse of their own.
It's OUR year! Deal with it!

Mark Plocharczyk said...

Hey, you might be on to something. But, what about the Marlins 10 game winning streak against the Cubs?
Please just wait until you acquire 11 more wins.

Bill said...

Strangest thing? I looked at the TV listings for tonight and there are baaseball games scheduled? Actually, I noticed, there are a bunch of baseball games scheduled for the next few weeks. Wonder whats thats all about?