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Monday, September 10, 2007

Osama Bin Brittney Speared Laddle?

What do Brittney Spears and Osama Bin Laden have in common? Both had major video events in one weekend and both involved bombs.

First, welcome back to the video world Osama "Where Ya" Bin Lately. I will admit I have not read a transcript of "the latest" Moosama Bin Borwinkle video. I'm sure it says something about us Americans being bad people. Well, considering "the source" I've heard that diatribe before and quite frankly it's boring. It is my uneducated opinion that until Binny shows up on a video wearing a baseball cap from the most current World Series winner and reading his review of "Balls of Fury", I will refuse to believe he is alive. And for the countless drones who stand in line to be the next martyr; If being a martyr is such a great gig why has Charlie Bin LaDeeDa been hiding for the last six years instead of strapping on the latest fashion bomb(literally)?

Secondly, BRITTNEY SPEARS IS BACK! Well, sorta. I will admit, again, I did not see her comeback performance live. But, then again, nobody did (insert rim -shot here) either. Why why why do people continue accept her lip-syncing as singing? I will give her credit for a mother of two kids she looks great. As a dancer she looked like a hung-over mother of 20 kids. As a singer she looked like an old Clutch Cargo cartoon. As a stripper she looked like Osama Bin Laden (I ran out of analogies, sorry). I overheard Madonna saying, "Ouch!, That's not gonna help her career."

Ultimately, the pocketbooks of America will decided if either of the two video appearances will have any effect on anything.


Scott Ploch said...

Why even mention this guy?

Mark Ploch said...

Which guy? Brittney or Binny?