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Monday, August 14, 2017

Not So Fake Now Is It?

Dear "President" Trump,

I know you have a short attention span so I'll make this as quick as I can.

Please step down immediately.  You were given the control of the greatest country on Earth.  Under your control the reputation of your office and our country have reached historical lows.

You bragged during the campaign that our country would be so sick of WINNING under your leadership.  You were wrong.  Now you need to admit it.

The recent racial violence over this weekend is your fault.  You continue to spew real world problems as "Fake News".  The undereducated and morally defunct people that support you don't know any better.

All educated people know that the foundations of the kkk (small letters intended) and the neo-nazis are wrong.  All people are created equal.  Our entire country was built on that premise.  It took too long and too many people to die for that truth to be believed.

Then you come telling people news is fake and people shouldn't believe them.  They start believing things that aren't true.  I'm sorry, but your whole "Fake News" mantra just fuels the ignorant.  Then we have racists quoting you about taking the country back.  They are worshipping your words and ideas without direction.

Your whole administration seems dead set on undoing everything President Obama created.  Your dislike of Obama, for whatever reason, is unjust.  Your actions are fueling the haters.

If you contend to remain in office please start acting presidential.  Every citizen deserves to have a President they can respect.  I did not vote for every winning President, but I did respect the office.  Until now.

You have the position to change the world.  Start acting like it.

Monday, July 24, 2017

We Need To Fix Us

This world we live is broken.  

The evidence is everywhere.  
Here, in Chicagoland, the body count totals continue to rise like the numbers on a telethon toteboard.  
I won't link the story here, but in Florida two teens watched, laughed, and videotaped a disabled man drown to death.  If that wasn't bad enough they shared their video online.

We also have President of the United States that acts like a four year old.

I find myself seeking stories that lift my spirit.  It may be avoidism, but I am a positive minded person and I need to feed my soul positivity.  It heals.

I find animal stories to be uplifting.  Specifically animal rescue stories.  I found an interesting video of a herd elephants rescuing a baby elephant from drowning.  Animals SAVING A DROWNING animal.  Here's the clip;

Granted the elephants bragged on their Facebook profiles for weeks, but c'mon.

There are two YouTube channels I watch regularly that deal with animal rescue.  The first is Vet Ranch.  They show raw animals at their worst, sometimes, near death.  With skilled hands of the vets, these animals are healed. They show the cruelty that has put upon these animals.  Once the healing process begins you see the animals return to being adorable.  Here's a sample.

The other animal rescue channel is Hope for Paws.  Just a guy and few helpers go all over Southern California rescuing animals left to fend for themselves.  Here's a sample.

Lastly, anytime you can get 65,000 people to do anything in harmony it is a positive moment.