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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Can't Spell Trump Without Rump

As the presidential election marathon begins one must marvel at the current front runner, Donald Trump.  The thought of him as the leader of the GOP pack has been rattling around my head.




I think I have figured out an answer.  Trump is doing a very American thing, saying what ever the hell  he wants.  In our ever so politically correct world, Trump has removed all filters.  Assuming he had  some to begin with.

Do not get me wrong.  I  do not,  I repeat, I DO NOT support Trump.

I do support how he is speaking for himself.  Being a  billionaire means nobody owns Trump.  Until his net worth begins to slide he will continue to speak freely.

I think America is yearning for honesty and straight talk.  Even if it is coming from a nut job like Trump.

As of this post, there are 17 GOP candidates for president.  That's a lot of division.  Here's a graph  showing the breakdown.

A former almost front runner was Dr. Ben Carson.  He seems like  he'll speak freely at times too.   He has a good safety net to catch him, a medical career, so he'll be Ok if he fails.

The rest of the pack don't really stray to far away from the GOP teat because they are owned by the pack.  

Those  who run the shows know how to sell their products.  But, after you filter away all the slag you're left with 16 very similar candidates.  

Eventually, their will only be a few left for people to choose from.  History tells us it will be the ones that don't go out too far out on the limb.

Voters want straight talk.  Not canned speeches.  Let's take away something positive from Trump's campaign.  

All presidential candidates, please tell us what YOU think.  What do YOU plan on doing as President of these United States.  People are begging for honesty.  They'll take it from anyone, even, GULP, Donald Trump. 


PeaKay40 said...

I agree with you Mark. The people are thinking what Trump is saying but are afraid to say it. However, Mr. Trump has an arsenal Of property and money that he can pretty well say whatever he wants. I thank him for that. Those of us that don't have a lot of money know that we could never get away with some of things that Trump is saying, simply because we don't have enough money. So sad that Money is at the base of everything and I don't see things in the future looking much different.

Mark Ploch said...

Sadly in a country that tries to pretend it is based on Christian values, values money more than man.