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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Look At Me!

I couldn't fall asleep last night.  Nothing major, just couldn't turn my brain off.  Maybe it was the David Rio Elephant Chai caffeine from dinner.  Maybe it was my son's cold keeping him up keeping me up.  Maybe it was thinking about what Kanye West would want me to be doing.

Let me preface this post by saying I really don't care what celebrities do most of the time.  I know they must feed off the publicity or else they will die.  Yet, every now and then a celebrity does something I can't ignore.

In case you hadn't heard, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian's husband, is a rapper.  He is famous for his giant ego.  I can't tell you if he is talented, because honestly, it seems like every rapper is on every "song" of each other rapper's "songs".  They all seem to "win" awards reminiscent of modern day children's sports where everyone is a "winner" and gets a trophy.  I can say Mr. Kardashian is popular.  He'd be the first to confirm that.

In addition to being popular, he is also a tad narcissistic.  His opinion, in his mind, is what is most  important.  How can we forget the MTV Award show when he didn't agree that Taylor Swift beat Beyonce for an award.

Truthfully, as ego driven as that was, I wouldn't have lost sleep over it.

His latest trip to the Ego Olympics did make me think.  Kid Kardashian was in concert in Sydney recently.  The joint was packed and having fun.  Then at one point KK notices that out of the thousands of fans dancing and standing there were a few fans sitting.  

Kanye couldn't understand.  Why would, how could ANYBODY not be swept away by his music and begin standing and dancing?  This was music being performed by HIM,  Kanye West-Kardashian.

Well, as it turned out the fans where actually people using wheelchairs.  Despite Kanye's need to have everybody do whatever he says, these fans chose to sit.  Kanye does what any super ego driven yutz would do in this situation, stop the show.  Stop the show and wait.  Wait until he can get his security to check why somebody wasn't doing what he wanted.

The people in the "I'll Sit This One Out" community were outraged.  How dare he!  I wasn't outraged, just truly amused at the size of his ego.  

Many questions came to mind: 
What would happen if Kanye West would have met Rosa Parks?  
Does Kanye West play "Simon Says"?
If Kanye ever gave a speech in front of Congress, how long would it take?
Kanye West vs. Sitting Bull?

Clearly, you can see now why I couldn't sleep.  I didn't know what Kanye wanted me to do.

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