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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Don't Have The Strength Anymore

Happy, um, New Year!  Weeeeeeee, um, wooooo.

I realize my blogging has been kidnapped by Facebook.  I realize my tremendously insightful wisdom has been reduced to mindless little quips throughout each given day.  I apologize to my throngs of readers who don't subscribe to Facebook.
Ok,  I apologize to my throng of readers who don't subscribe to Facebook.


I apologize to my 23 readers who don't subscribe to Facebook, though I realize its more like 7.  Let's not get lost in the statistics shall we.

Despite my lack for blogging, I have continued to think, that's the smoke you smell.  The sharing of my thoughts is where I think I bore you.  However, I've had some thoughts that I felt were quite worthy of sharing.  You let me know if I'm curing your insomnia.

Awhile ago a cousin of mine had informed me of a documentary called "Burzynski".  A film detailing the struggle of Stanislaw R. Burzynski.  A doctor who just might be sitting on a cure for cancer.  Let me repeat that.


Now, instead of celebrating his tremendous discoveries the FDA, Food & Drug Administration, has spent over $60 million dollars trying to stop him from practicing forever.  That seems odd.  Why try to stop him, you may ask?  All you need to do is follow the money.  Drug companies pay the FDA to review their drugs.  When approved, the drug companies sell their drugs for Billions.  Drugs they use to fight cancer.  No cancer, no need for cancer fighting drugs.  No cancer fighting drugs no Billions.  The math leads me to believe Dr. Burzynski might be on to something.  

I've done the research and his findings merit serious widespread considerations.  I even checked, a website setup to keep an eye on medical "Quackery".  I found a many listings stating Burzynski is a fraud.  Many of the claims link back to the '90's when the FDA was pushing hard to him, but nothing current or conclusive.  Yet, they never show that even though the FDA tried 5 times to stop him, the courts, Congress, AND U.S. Supreme Court said there was no evidence to support the FDA's claims.

There's another website,  The Burzynski Patient Group.  This is a group of current and past patients trying to spread the facts about Dr. Burzynski.  How many frauds have websites trying to protect them?  At this site, you can watch the Burzynski documentary for yourself.  I encourage you to watch this movie.  I don't know anyone who has not been touched by cancer.  It is a cruel existence that needs to be fought and won.  We can't just assume that by wearing pink and walking we're helping.  

Please make others aware that a cure for cancer might be at hand.  Don't let greed hide the truths being told.   I don't have the strength to fight stupid greedy bastards on my own.  Ironically, if the news of Dr. Burzynski's success were to spread like cancer, cancer could actually be beaten.


PeaKay40 said...
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PeaKay40 said...

Seems the three choices given interesting and cool and one other are really not to the point. It's more like how very sad. Once again it's the greed at hand that controls everything. Cancer, Diabetes, and a host of other ailments I'm sure, could be wiped out if not for the greed of the power of people at the top. Articles such as this and videos such as this should be spread about the internet leaving no site untouched. The American public is just to apathetic to get up off their butts and portest. i only hope that the younger generations up and coming will realize that their lives will not be worth a plug nickel unless they fight for themselves. I'm too old at this point. I spent my early years writing to newspapers and congressmen and nothing ever came of it. Now things have gone from bad to worse and the young people must stip up and demand that things start moving in the direction of outcomes for the good of the people and not the greed of the big wigs of this country. Good article Mark.

Mark Ploch said...

Thanks Pat.

I'm tired of the lip service. Give to fight, Walk to fight. If one penny of a donated dollar is wasted, heads should roll. That would mean somebody is playing God with people's lives.

I've been on the wrong side of fighting diseases for too long. If this guy has results, DAMMIT!, lets throw his theories up against the wall and see if they stick.

I just think of all the people who have died of cancer.