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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Point Of View (POV)

Hello friends and family. I've been trying to find a better focus for my blog. I believe a blog should reflect the bloggers passions and experiences.

In the past, I've written about current events that I had a strong opinion about. Many times I wrote about politics, which we should all have an opinion about. I don't back away from my opinions, but I do get tired of the back and forth arguments of my opinion and being called an idiot for my opinions. I am resigned to the fact that our country has many great problems to deal with. My blog can not solve the problems of our country. If the back and forth debate here is a microcosm of what happens between our country's leaders, the problems will never be solved.

I love to blog and I love knowing I am communicating with people. That remains my passion. So I've decided to change my point of view for my blog. One area I know much about is living with a disability. I feel I can educate, inspire and entertain my POV on living life with a disability.

I know I will still be called an idiot in the future and who knows, maybe I am an idiot. But, I'd rather be an idiot based on something I've said than to be thought an idiot out of my silence.

I'm sure I'll dip my toe into the hot tub of hot topics again, but for now I'll just keep rollin' along.


Kap said...

My blog is morphing into something new, as well. I started with an eye on letting it do just that. Sometimes even I'm surprised by its contents.

But it is becoming what I believe is an exceptional representation of myself. My favorite blogs to read seem to do that. So I know I'm on the right road. And I'm sure that you are, too.


Anonymous said...


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