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Friday, November 06, 2009

We Could Use Some Funny This Friday

I understand a tragedy happened yesterday. My prayers go out to all the families involved.

I also like to see people laugh. So with that in mind I offer you a video that displays what would happen if I was a marching band instructor or cheerleader coach.


CFandl said...

The media needs to stop calling this a tragedy. It was an Islamic Terrorist attack that murdered innoncent people. Enough with political correctness crap!

bill said...

i read somewhere that cheerleading is now the most dangerous high school sport?

cfandl, the media will lead with tragedy, we know the drill and it matters not to them, and then we will see where they go with it?

the race to the bottom continues:

November 6, 2009 at 01:02 PM

Reports are coming in that 8 people were shot in a downtown high-rise in Orlando, Florida. The local news reports:

All eight victims are trauma patients, the Fire Department said.

Officers were dispatched to the Gateway Center office building just before noon on Friday after reports of a shooting.

MSNBC reports that there are at least two people dead and no suspect in custody. The shootings took place on multiple floors of the office building.

CFandl said...

It is a shame that the SOB at Ft Hood wasn't killed. Now the taxpayer will be on the tab for his treatment and incarceration. I say get him upright and let the families of those murdered soldiers get a shot at him.

Mark Ploch said...

All political correctness aside, the Ft. Hood killer was just another freakin' moron. Don't glorify him as a terrorist. Just a whack job with a few loose screws.

If he'd died it would be easier, but because we are not savages, he has rights under our laws.

Or should we drag him in the street like the Iraqis did to our soldiers.

I'll choose civility even though it may inconvenience those who usually preach the Bill of Rights like some type or prayer.

CFandl said...


You actually belive this piece of garbage isn't an Islamic Terrorist?
Just because he acted alone doesn't mean that he isn't one.

Glorify him as a terrorist? I never knew that terrorist's were glorified (unless by other terrorist's). This guy was completely motivated by the hateful teachings of radical Islam.

He didn't just snap. This was premeditated murder in the name of Allah. Maybe if one of your relatives was on the receiving end of those bullets you might think different.

I can guarantee one thing. Islamic Terrorists would kill any of us regardless of how we view them. They would probably get more satisfaction killing those who refuse to see them for what they are.

Mark Ploch said...

This guy was a lone nutcase. Just because his name, you say he is a terrorist.

Oh, I forgot, you also think Obama is a Muslim terrorist.

Hate hate hate, where does it get anyone?

Trust me I have little compassion for criminals that are guilty. But, I will not go down to their level, ever!

Jeff said...

The problem is that you don't think he's a terrorist because he killed people, you think he's a terrorist because he's a muslim. This is just the typical weak attempt to somehow make them synonomous. I don't see how his religion is anymore of a factor in his behavior than Rodriguez who shot up Gateway Center. Christians want to pretend that their religion has some sort of peaceful, non-violent history and that other religions have a lot of violence to answer for that they don't. Or that all non-christians are mandated into violence in a way that they're not. Sorry, I'm afraid not. But way to go on the oportunistic fear mongering. You're a true conservative.

Mark Ploch said...

Thanks for actually saying hat I was attempting to.

CFandl said...

You two are fools. Just what Radical Islam is counting on. If this guy was a hard core Christian believer both of you would be all over it. Hypocrites.

Mark Ploch said...

Religion is mute here.

The guy just lost his marbles, why does this bother you?

You are just what the Republicans want. Afraid, be very afraid.

Chicken shit!

Jeff said...

We're not hypocrites at all. Your reasoning is weak and your oportunism is obvious. You're just completely motivated by the hateful teachings of radical christianity. You're conditioned to hate anyone who doesn't think like you. His religion is only a problem because he's NOT christian. Otherwise, he would just be another crazy with a gun and you would have switched over to sportscenter. But he's a muslim so it must go deeper than he just flipped out. It MUST be a terrorist plot. You're just the type of recruit the christo-fascists are looking for and you are guilty of precisely what you're accusing us of. You better believe I would be doublely all over it if he was a christian. I'm against all religions and their poisonous effect on humanity. And quite frankly, I'm sick of being caught in the middle of the latest chapter in your pathetic holy war.

CFandl said...

What's the matter? Both of you too PC to see the Radical Islam links to this guy?

I agree that he isn't all there, but to ignore the facts as they continue to come forward is idiotic.

Jeff, what can I say? You seem to have all the answers. Keep patting yourself on the back but be careful not to pull a muscle.

Mark Ploch said...


I'm going to try to clarify my opinion.

I think he acted alone. I don't believe he was being trained by Al-Gayduh.

He had mental issues which made him flip.

I know what is being reported, which doesn't mean it's a conclusion by the way.

I also want to say that, while I respect Jeff's opinion, I do not agree with him in regards to Christian based religions. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and all the HE stood for.

Jeff said...

Well, the answers are out there and they're not complicated. Pentrating the thick skulls of American conservatives and trying to get at those pea size brains is the hard part. But, I have to admit, I wish we could round up ALL of the religious crazies in this country and get rid of them. It would be such a better place.

(somebody tell me how a muslim terrorist infiltrated jesus's army and rose to the rank of major without anyone noticing...or was that part of god's plan too?)

Jeff said...

Believe it or not, I am very faith friendly, and quite spiritual. As a professional photographer who shoots a lot of weddings, I participate in churches services of all faiths two, sometimes three times a week. (can any of you say that you go to church three times a week? Haha! I doubt it. Who's got time for that crap, right?) It definitely helps you step out of your own sphere and get a more objective perspective on what people say they believe versus how they behave. As you might suspect, they're quite different from each other. As an athiest, I'll never be entitled to the same level of respect as I am expected to give to all those who do belive and to their various space gods. Mark, I welcome the day when the christian religions of the world actually reflect what jesus taught. Never going to happen. The history of christianity is bloody and horrible. You can't paint it any other way and remain truthful to the facts.

Jeff said...

Want to find out where your religion came from? Look here, if you dare...

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

(Youtube is the most convient way to see these clips from "Ziegeist" without downloading the whole movie. Unfortunatly, they're broken into ten minute bits because it's Youtube)

Jeff said...

How do you spell the noise that crickets make?

bill said...

usually written as chirping.

the zeitgeist stuff is compelling, it's not frontline, but it's definitely worth the watch.

you can watch the entire movie at:

Jeff said...

Way to go Bill! I'm glad someone out there has the courage to investigate and respond. The silence was becoming defening. Anyone else have the right stuff?

CFandl said...


I think I will take my chances against yours come Judgement Day. Isn't it funny how more and more signs are pointing that this murderous scumbag was a Radical Muslim?

I have never stated or argued that people were never killed in the name of Christianity. However, I am a regular church goer (Catholic) and I have never heard anyone associated with the church advocate violence or jihad against anyone.

My concerns about Radical Islam have nothing to do with "hate". I just see these extremist for the danger that they represent to ANYONE who does not subscibe to their beliefs.

Jeff said...

I wouldn't be surprised at all if that were the case. You just can't jump to that conclusion in three seconds without hearing all of the facts. I believe Tim McViegh still holds the record for amount of people killed at one time in the name of any religion. A christian, of course. If you haven't heard of anyone advocating violence in the name of Christianity then you're either living under a rock or you're just not paying attention. How about the KKK for example (still alive and well I'm sure)

My concerns about Radical Islam and Radical Christianity have nothing to do with "hate". I just see these extremist for the danger that they represent to ANYONE who does not subscibe to their beliefs.

"T2: Judgement Day", great movie! Arnold at his best!

...and I guess Bill is the only one with any guts out there...

CFandl said...


Can you read?

I stated that I have never personally been in a church where violence was advocated.

Your obsession with moral relativism has been well noted.

Jeff said...

You might want to go back and read what you wrote...that's not what you said.
Oh well, apparently no one watched the videos. I'm disappointed but not surprised. Afraid to have your fairytales debunked I guess...worried that what you might see will be too challenging to your beliefs... Did I chase away our distiguished host from his own blog site too? Sorry, I was just hoping for some healthy debate. You can have it back...I think I'll start my own wimps allowed. I do my best thinking in the bathroom...Maybe I'll call it "Musings from the Toilet" or how about "Bathroom Confidential" oh, I know I'll call it "From Where I Sh..." oh wait, the phone's ringing...

bill said...

jeff, "they call me the seeker..."

cfandl, "Love your enemy..." ?

Mark Ploch said...

Hey Guys,

Great debate. I've got opinions. I've been pre-occupied with the death of a very close friend.

I'll be back.

Jeff said...

Sorry to hear that.

Ernest T. Bass said...

I like eggs.