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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Time Friday

Here are some great videos (Yes Gail, enjoy!) from a group called Improv Everywhere.

They organize and plan (that's not Improv) these events or pranks all around NYC (New York City).

Here are my personal favorites.


bill said...

what a great idea.

my favorite is the food court musical.

"we both need a napkin, that's a fact. it's true, it's napkins that we lack..."

Mark Ploch said...

I've found my mantra.

PeaKay40 said...

I just got empty boxes with a
little box to click on in the upper left hand corner. How do I open it? Can I get it if I sign up for Windows Live?

Mark Ploch said...

Those are just links to YouTube not sure why that's not working.

Laura Altmann-Jurkovic said...

Thanks Mark. My 16 year old son really loved the videos because he does improv. He has studied improv 2 summers at Second City in Chicago at their summer camps. He loves it!!! Have a fun Halloween~!!!

Mark Ploch said...


That is very cool. I would love to work with Second City. So many artists have come out of there that I truly, truly respect and admire what they do.