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Monday, June 01, 2009

A Hospital Note

I realize I've been slow to jump back in to my blog since being in the hospital. I hope that will be changing soon.

When I was in the hospital I had plenty to think about. My thoughts kept coming back to the nurses and PCA (Personal Care Attendants). No disrespect to my great team of doctors, but nurses and PCA's are awesome people. One night when I had trouble sleeping I just listened to what these people had to deal with.

In one room there was a man who thought he was in WW2.
In one room there was a woman who kept getting undressed and tried to leave.
One room had a man that kept screaming at the top of his lungs, "I can't breathe!"
Another room had a man who could not speak English.

Despite all these distractions they would carry out the needed medical care to each patient. That one night when all was going crazy I needed some moderate help. I had had a fever break leaving me soaked in sweat. I just asked to have my blanket lowered. They changed my gown and all my sheets on my bed.

Nurses and all caregivers need to be respected at the highest degree. While the doctors put the treatment on paper, nurses put the treatment into action. They are the reason I cleared up a pneumonia in two weeks.

Now if nurses can get contestants on "The Price Is Right" to not be brain dead when they get on stage it would be a wonderful world.


Tara said...

No doubt nurses do all the work while the doctors get the credit.

Richard Nixon said...

Your Blog is awesome!

Diane said...

When I was 13 I was in the hospital for exploritory surgery. At this time a major blizzard hit dumping 5 feet of snow and everybody was snowed in for days. The same nurses were there shift after shift after shift and remained awsome. They always gave the patients the time and care they deserved with an uplifting attitude. It is another profession that shoulod be paid more.

Laura said...

The medical profession is surely a team effort, your wife and yourself included. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to help someone in need. I am glad "your team" came through for you!!!!!!! Keep up the good blog!!!!

Mark Ploch said...

I'm fortunate in that my brother-in-law is my doctor and communication is obviously more open and strong.
But, everyone has to speak up for their health. Nobody knows your body better than you do.